8 Gates ~ Chapter 6 ~ Motion / Stillness ~ from the free eBook “Light of Be-ing”

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Motion / Stillness – the belief in ones self as the acting force and engine of engagement in ones life and existence. It is the illusional doer and director of perceived reality cast by ones mind and ego-self.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. . .”

Motion / Stillness

Stage, a word as wide as the universe. It is the holographic screen and stream of events, where frame by frame, one defines their I-ego-self and meaning.

But it is its foundation, the fundamental meaning of stage, “as in a scene or setting, and performance of, a script or play”, that reveals the true nature of perceived reality.

In the theater of ones life, it is believed that I-ego-self is the causal agent and director of events. From the mundane to that which is life changing, self is the principal star.

Yet with each stage change, twists and turns abound, events unexpected and out of the blue occur, without rhyme or reason. And ones self is left undirected, unable to comprehend.

Stranded and alone in the spotlight, the belief in the I-ego-self in control is unveiled. It is the paradox of perceived reality, the self-imagined separation of the stage / act from the actor.

And as in any play, ones performance is scripted. From the stage, scenery, props and co-actors, the movie of ones life is just that, a scripted performance.

Like the still frames that pass through a projector, its images reflected and perceived in motion, life’s drama and tapestry are already written, woven and recorded.

Who you think you are, the star, actor and director, is just that, a thought. It is this mistaken belief that is the cause of so much stress and suffering in ones world.

It is akin to a section of a river believing it is in control of the waters running through it. The flow has already been determined long before it ever reaches that section.

So to with the perceived reality of I-ego-self. Events in the flow of life have already been scripted long before it is perceived by ones illusional self.

In every scene, you truly are both Motion and Stillness, and yet the mind and ego-self can only interpret a fraction of it. Lost in the translation is the reality of the moment, passing as a phantom / shadow across the mind’s screen.

Who you really are is the light that makes the movies visible, the screen that reflects them, the synergistic Motion in Stillness of possibilities, the ever present moment of now. There are no scripts in the now, only freedom.

Who you really are asks, “Can you, observe the play as it is, and see your true be-ing reflected in Motion / Stillness?

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