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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

A friend and customer asked . . . .

“Since the different colors have different types of energies; do those energies rely mainly with the visual connection?  Can you discern the different energies by tactile contact alone?”

Øm “not mark” answered . . . .

It is not that the different types have different energies, but more of how each person activates and resonates each crystal.  An Andara crystal is like a musical instrument, with the ability for endless musical compositions depending on who is playing it.  And like a musical instrument, it is not based on sight, for I have customers who are blind and still get both a visible and resonant feel from them.

The deeper aspect of them in this analogy as a musical instrument is that the Andara is but a reflection of the possibilities of the user.  It is a mirror of the users beliefs and judgements, and the restrictions they have accepted.  It is this illumination that creates the field of dreams, where all is possible in the now of their be-ing as source.
As such, the Andara themselves are undefinable, for each person projects their illusion of restrictions on their use.  The true power that is in play here is the awakening that takes place as the veil of restrictions is dropped like a leaf falling from a tree.

Blessings & Light

Øm “not mark”

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