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Frequently Asked Andara Questions

Where can I access the three 2011 Andara Crystal Webinar's page?

The three Andara Crystal Webinar's are accessed here:

Where do you get your Andara crystals from?

The Andara crystals I carried come directly from Lady Nellie herself. The fact is that from 2002 to this day, we have worked with and helped Lady Nellie, her family, and supporters to spread these magical crystals around the world.

Though Lady Nellie has passed, we continue our service and commitment to provide authentic Monatomic Andara crystals to our family of friends and customers around the world.

My Andara crystals come from Lady Nellie as written about here:

And you can read Lady Nellie's story here:

We carry a good supply of Lady Nellie Andara crystals, but due to the high demand for our Andara crystals, not all of the colors are available.

Are Andara crystals just glass?

Andara crystals are a glass-like material comprised of Monatomic Metallic elements, featuring many glass like properties such as bubbles, inclusions, and other features.

How does one differentiate between authentic Andara crystals and fakes?

I have been asked this many times over the past two decades. As the person who discovered their unique heritage of monatomic metallic elements and the properties therein, I am considered an expert on them.

The question "How does one differentiate between real or not?" The answer is not as simple as the question. All gemstones have either man-made equivalents or just plain frauds as stand-ins. There is no test to differentiate a real diamond from a man-made diamond, and special equipment is used to reveal the fakes.

The same goes for most other gemstones. But it is not only gemstones that are being misrepresented. Almost every crystal under the sun has this same problem, from common Quartz to highly collectable mineral specimens. Having been in the gemstone, crystal and mineral business for 2 decades, I have had the chance to handle both the real and the fakes. This experience gives me a special knowledge on spotting the real from the misrepresented.

As to Andara crystals, they too need special equipment in order to verify the presence of monatomic metallic elements.  You can read about it here:

and other tests I have used here:

What most people don't understand is Andara crystal glass is the transformed state of Monatomic Metallic Elements.

This is the single atom element of metals, in a non-metallic framework of powder-like formations sometimes referred to as esoteric matter or first-state matter.

It was theorized, and proven, that heating this esoteric matter to high temperatures would create a new form of glass-like materials. In it's glass like state, the Andara crystal behaves like glass would. Yet with many other properties that regular glass dose not exhibit, as well as certain traits that are in defiance of what we understand as natural laws of science.

In fact, quantum physicists have now created a clear glass like material out of esoteric Aluminum, using techniques similar to the creation of Andara crystals. Aluminum as a metal is not monatomic, yet using esoteric techniques, high temperatures, pressure, and monatomic structures of Aluminum, a glass like material has been born. Just like what was described and documented in the Star Trek 4 movie.

The science of monatomics have only recently been rediscovered, yet their spiritual use has been known far longer than the age of man.

Other than that, like any other industry, buy from a reputable source that you can trust, offers a money back guarantee and is backed by years of experience and satisfied customers.

As I have said to others, it is your intuition, experience, and trust in yourself that is the foundation to confirm for yourself the authenticity of an Andara crystal or anything for that matter. 

Do your Andara crystals come like they are in pieces from the ground or do you cut them out from a bigger piece?

Most come to me as larger pieces that need to be cleaned and then carefully / spiritually worked into smaller pieces.

I used the word worked as there is a certain process that requires both years of personal handling and a special spiritual connection with them where one is guided to be able to shape them in the way they want to be.

Andara pieces have been found from small handheld pieces to boulders of over several hundred pounds. Heart pieces come from the center of a larger Andara that speaks to me as being a "Heart" piece, many times as soon as I hold them before any work has begun. I am also guided when I can work with them, and when to wait.

I have some pieces that have had me wait for years before I could work them, and others that can only go to one person. We have a saying in Hawaii, "If can, can. If no can, no can."  When the Andara crystals are ready, everything goes smoothly, if they are not, you are better off not even trying.

From the first day I saw them, almost two decades ago, Linda and I have had a strong spiritual connection to these most amazing crystals. We are blessed to be able to share them with our family of friends and customers around the world like you.

Do Andara crystals scratch easily?

According to the Mohs scale, Andara crystals run from 7 to 9, with a scratch resistance of glass to Sapphire depending on impurities and/or inclusions.

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a qualitative ordinal scale characterizing scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. 

While greatly facilitating the identification of minerals in the field, the Mohs scale does not show how well hard materials really perform in different settings.

Despite its lack of precision, the Mohs scale is relevant for field geologists, who use the scale to roughly identify minerals using scratch kits.

The Andara crystals that were tested by Patrick Bailey and Bruce Tainio were found to average 8.5 Mohs. The low side was 7 Mohs and the high was 9 Mohs.

From my own experience with Gem cutters who I have personally worked with making jewelry, the hardness according to them runs 8 - 9 Mohs.  This was based on how unusually, and quickly that their diamond cutting wheels and sanding belts wore out.

There is also the geological mineral  / metallic matrix of each piece, similar to gorilla glass which, dependent on the metallic matrix used in its processing, can give you a Mohs hardness of between 5 to 9.

Even among most gemstones, impurities and inclusions can and does affect Mohs. The best that a Mohs test can give you is a generalized answer, as you could have a quartz hovering near 8 Mohs with an Andara near 7 Mohs.

What really sets them apart from all other crystals is the Monatomic Metallic Elements as their core metallic matrix and the energy field / resonance that they vibrate at.

Do Andara crystals appear in other locations?

Andara crystals appear wherever there are conditions that are conductive to the formation of esoteric mater and Monatomic Metallic elements. How these natural formations occur are still up for debate within scientific communities.

The powder-like formations of Monatomic Metallic elements will undergo a transformational process when high heat is applied, whether this be by volcanic activity, meteor or lightening strike, or other high heat producing phenomenon, thus producing the glass-like material known as Andara crystals.

My research has shown that as stated above, if conditions are just right, yes they do occur in other locations around the world. Though none of them are easy to get to with others not accessible at all. Even Lady Nellies Land is inaccessible for half the year due to winter conditions and storms.

Is there an actual scientific test to determine glass and authentic Andara crystal?

Emission Spectroscopy is the science of analyzing the light frequencies of elements that have been ionized in an arc of electricity between two electrodes.

In laymen’s terms, you zap your test sample and record the light given off. This is spectroscopic analysis. The arc electrode used burns away within 15 seconds, which most western Spectroscopists claim is all that is needed to read and identify the material tested.

The Emission Spectroscopy test done was based on American standards of 15 seconds, which was inconclusive.

Whereas the most prestigious scientific body in the Soviet Union, the Soviet Academy of Sciences, recommended an Emission Spectroscopy test that was 300 seconds, that’s 2000% longer.

David Hudson spent close to $100,00 to have one built here in the US as you can read about here:

What do you think of the "Elder Andara" term being currently used by some retailers?

The term "elder" was a name first marketed by Mr. Thurmon "Mickey Magic" to differentiate his crystals from other dealers.

Lady Nellie never used this term, nor have I. To say that one Andara crystal is older, or "elder", in any way than another Andara just because they were discovered later than the first batch does not take into account their actual creation date.  Elder, in this case, was used as "wise in years", yet Andara crystals are beyond such terms when their very nature defies time and matter as we understand it.

Monatomic Andara crystals, monatomics and their related essences defy dating and time-frames. As first matter elements, what do we measure them against, how do we even begin to measure them. Like natural diamonds, they do not come with an creation date, nor can any of them be named "elders".

There is so much more to them than meets the eye, and that to try and confine them to any limited description or hierarchy just mirrors the lack of understanding by those who should know better.

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