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Synchronicity – The Tapestry of a Divine, Interwoven and Guided Pathway to Illumination

How a …

A Native American woman who cured her heart disease from a vision of a common herb found growing in white powder . . .

A well-known nutritional research specialist that pioneered the revolutionary idea of superfoods, crossed paths with a person whose AIDS was in remission . . .

A world renowned research scientist who specialized in earth/soil electromagnetic analysis was sent a sample of white powder soil to analyze . . .

A spiritual, multidimensional channel who walked into the newly opened store, Life’s Treasures Kauai, in the summer of 2002 wearing a glowing green pendant . . .

A Hidden Master, disguised as a metaphysical gift store owner in the middle of the Pacific ocean, who began his quest for answers for the still little known mystery crystal . . .

And the green, gem-like crystal pendant glowing with power that was the catalyst that merged all the above into a coherent revelation.

One that changed our understanding of perception, experience, time, spirituality, intuition, myth, and divine inspiration by combining both the spiritual and physical realms into a meta-physical whole that is our shared reality.


It was Carl Jung who coined the word synchronicity in the late 1920s. Jung’s work has been influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies.

Jung saw synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence in time, a psychic factor which is independent of space and time.

This revolutionary concept of synchronicity both challenges and complements the physicist’s classical view of causality. It also forces a basic reconsideration of the meaning of chance, probability, coincidence and the singular events in our lives.

Roderick Main, in the introduction to his 1997 book Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal, wrote:

The culmination of Jung’s lifelong engagement with the paranormal is his theory of synchronicity, the view that the structure of reality includes a principle of acausal connection which manifests itself most conspicuously in the form of meaningful coincidences.

Difficult, flawed, prone to misrepresentation, this theory none the less remains one of the most suggestive attempts yet made to bring the paranormal within the bounds of intelligibility.

It has been found relevant by psychotherapists, parapsychologists, researchers of spiritual experience and a growing number of non-specialists.

Indeed, Jung’s writings in this area form an excellent general introduction to the whole field of the paranormal.

The notion of synchronicity shares with modern physics the idea that, under certain conditions, the laws governing the interactions of space and time can no longer be understood according to the principle of causality.

I was first introduced to Andara crystals in the summer of 2002. At that time, no one knew the metaphysical heritage or quantum properties that were about to be uncovered in my quest to find answers.


Synchronicity – An Andara walks into Life’s Treasures Kauai

It all started with a chance meeting. Peggy was one of the light workers who supported Lady Nellie by introducing people to Andara crystals. She was on Kauai to do a healing conference, and just happened across our store, Life’s Treasures Kauai.

Synchronicity was in full motion that day, as the path of discovery was laid out before me. I had just opened our store when a customer came in. She was wearing a crystal pendant, glowing with energy.

Upon seeing her enter the store, I immediately asked her, “What is that stone you are wearing?” Peggy replied, “This is an Andara crystal.” And just like that, a new bridge was formed for the still little known mystery crystal.

Since I had never heard of Andara crystals before, I asked what she could tell me about them. Peggy said that they were powerful healing and metaphysical crystals, and described some of her experiences with them.

She told me their history, how they were found by Lady Nellie, and that they were something very different energy/spiritual wise than other crystals and minerals.

Out of the blue, I asked her if she had any on her to sell. Peggy replied she did, but only for trade. So together we looked around the store, and a trade concluded for a handful of bright green Andara crystals.


Synchronicity – A gift and connections

A day or so later, while standing by our register while my wife Linda was viewing wire-wrapped jewelry from a new vendor, I was called by one of the small Andara crystals behind me.

I had placed them on a small cabinet in the back of our sales area. I was guided to the Andara crystal shaped like a triangle with a flat base. I was told that I needed to gift this piece to the vender.

I picked it up and walked over to where Linda was with the vender, and said to them both, “Sorry to interrupt, but I need to gift this to you”, while handing the green crystal to the vender.

The vender immediately replied with shock and excitement, “Is this an Andara crystal?” I said yes and explained how I was guided by the crystal.

The vender then replied, “This is perfect, exactly what I needed for my collection when “Laying On” of crystals in my healing therapy.”

She then turned to both of us and said that our store was the perfect venue for Andara crystals, that we needed to get them ASAP, and she knew the person to contact to get the ball rolling.

With a name and phone number in hand, I stepped into the back of the store. I dialed the number and anxiously listened to it ring.

“Hello” I heard and immediately asked if this was Bob who represented Lady Nellie and her Andara crystals?

We instantly connected like old friends, and I shared my stories about how this phone call happened. Bob immediately understood, as he had been working with Lady Nellie and her Andara crystals for years.

He told me of Lady Nellie’s financial hardships, and how he was helping her to take care of her grandchildren through the sales of the Andara crystals that she had.

I asked Bob if he had any I could order from him, to which he replied, “Not only do I have a good supply of them, I’m coming to Kauai next week. I’ll bring a great selection for you and your store.”

And like magic, our store would be the first to carry Andara crystals in the state of Hawaii. No one knew at that time the revelations that were to be unveiled.

That a new store on the island of Kauai, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, would change our understanding of quantum physics, metaphysics and spirituality, merging the infinite with our singularity of be-ing.

End of Part 1


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