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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

about us . . .  and the Andara crystals we carry

Life's Treasures Kauai Storefront -  2003

On Oct 1, 2001, Linda and I opened the doors to Life’s Treasures Kauai. Our mission was to provide a unique metaphysical healing environment of hard to find, one of a kind items from around the world.

Life’s Treasures Kauai was presented as a gift store so that people of all walks of life could experience its healing energy, explore new worlds of information and opportunities, exchange ideas, and discover the possibilities of Meta-Science and consciousness evolution.

Through the years, we have touched the lives of many people from around the world. That was more than a decade ago. Though our brick and mortar store is now a memory, the essence of our service continues.

Today we can make a difference in the lives of a much wider audience. Through our website,, our services are now worldwide. We are now able to connect with our ohana of friends and customers anywhere the Internet reaches.

Our mission has evolved and crystallized in the expertise, knowledge and spiritually guided convergence of Quantum Metaphysics, Divine Science, and Monatomic Andara crystals.

It was the summer of 2002 when the first Andara crystal literally walked in through our doors. From that moment forward, as Lady Nellie named us, we became the “Ambassadors of Andara crystals to the World.”

The Golden Mean

"I name Mark & Linda "the Ambassadors of Andara crystals to the World”   - Lady Nellie

At, we specialize in Monatomic Andara crystals exclusively. Since 2003, Linda and I have been the recognized experts on Monatomic Andara crystals. The fact is, I wrote the book on them so to speak.

It was my research and the publication in 2003 of "Monatomic Andara Crystals – Bridging Science, Metaphysics, and Healing" that put Andara crystals squarely on the metaphysical and spiritual map.

Linda and I have been blessed to continually work with them since the summer of 2002 when they magically walked into our store and changed not only our lives but the lives of countless others.

Since the opening of that small store in the middle of the Pacific ocean, some 17 years later, Linda and I are still privileged to be of service to all who seek to expand and discover the possibilities available to us all.

Blessings & Light
Mark & Linda

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