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Here’s a list of the tests that DO NOT WORK to detect the presence of monatomic elements:

  1. Standard Spectroscopic analysis or ES
  2. X-Ray Analysis or Mining XRF handheld devices
  3. Cumming Microscopy
  4. Diffraction Microscopy
  5. Fluorescent Microscopy
  6. Tests based on the elemental metallic structure and conductivity.

The fact is, all of the above tests check for the presence of metallic structures, which are not present in monatomic elements.  This information has been common knowledge to those who work with monatomic elements for more than 20 years.

Part 2 – What Tests Work and Why

Our first touchstone is the 300 second Spectroscopic analysis or Emission Spectroscopy test as recommended by the Soviet Academy of Sciences.  The trouble is, it’s not offered in the US economically, so for our purposes we will have to continue our search.

David Hudson made another discovery, which changes our very understanding of matter / mass physics at the quantum level.  During the years of testing that David did in his search to uncover what that white powder was, there were many unexplained phenomena recorded.

There were magnetic anomalies with the testing equipment; the powder would lose 4/9ths of its weight; it even became weightless, including the pan it was in.  It would also gain weight.  During one test, the powder disappeared and re-appeared when the test was reversed.  All of these anomalies, and more, left David and the scientists scratching their heads.

In synchronicity with the tests David was doing, scientists from several different fields were remarkably discovering parallel results on the esoteric matter of monatomic metals.  Both David and the scientists discovered the strange orbits of electrons, which gave rise to the new discovery of their super-conducting natures.

These same monatomic metals were also found in the biological nerve and brain tissue of humans and other species.  This discovery opened a new door into the way our senses worked as super-conductors of information.

It was originally thought that our sensory organs worked through electrical impulses.  The problem with that theory was electrical impulses moved much too slow as compared to the speed that sense information was traveling through our bodies.

With the advent of the monatomic discovery, a new theory was born.  The almost instantaneous transfer of sense information in a super-conductive medium of monatomic enhanced nerve pathways, which defied modern scientific principals previously held to be inviolate.

Because these monatomic elements were not visible to normal testing, they were known as stealth elements.  Test after test confirmed their presence, but being super-conductive, their true nature remained hidden.

One test involved a strand of DNA, which had a monatomic element attached to each end.  The results were astounding, as the strand accelerated to a vibrational level of radiance and emitting light.

All of these discoveries were happening in-parallel to each other. Simultaneous discovery is a documented fact and is the norm in both technological and scientific circles.

Newton and Leibniz independently invented calculus, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both filed a patent for the telephone on the same day — within three hours of each other — and sunspots were simultaneously discovered by four scientists living in four different countries.

When we view this from the aspect of super-conductive medium of sense data: that this data is transferred via light pathways, and that light is both timeless and without restriction, it is no surprise that multiple discovery events coincide.

Given all of the above as food for thought in the process to test for monatomic metals, there are at least four different methods to use in our search for these stealth elements.

We know that x-rays will not work, or magnetic resonance, CT scans, or other mainstream technologies that involve excitation or elemental electro-excitation via internal metallic atomic structures.  Super-conductive materials are invisible to such tests.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you are in good company, for the tests I use came from the reading of tens of thousands of related articles and books and working with Monatomic Andara crystals for more than a decade.

Though that reading figure looks almost impossible, for an autistic person like myself, it’s a drop in the bucket of all the material I have consumed.  I currently read a dozen books a month, countless articles on a wide variety of subjects, and even more that are sent my way via email.

When in research mode, I will read through hundreds of webpages, thousands of articles, posts and published research papers.  This is normal for me, and not considered work at all.  Linda, my wife of more than 30 years, often times has to tell me to stop as I provide too much information on a subject.

When we look at all of the information above, the fact that monatomic elements are super-conductive, and the informative results I have highlighted, we arrive at the following touchstone tests.

Two tests for the presence of Monatomic Metallic Elements
you can do yourself:

  1. The super-conductive materials of monatomic elements are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields.  David Hudson discovered this in the anomalies with regards to the changes observed in the weight of the white powder tested.  From gaining weight to weightlessness, this sensitivity is a hallmark of superconductive material.

    Most everyone has seen the test where a super-conductive material floats weightless in the air when an electromagnetic field is present.  A similar test can be done with Monatomic Andara crystals.  Our bodies emit a bio-electromagnetic field that interacts with Andara crystals that can be felt while holding them.

    I have blind tested this response for more than a decade, the results of which have proven to be quite accurate. It basically involves two Andara crystals with regards to which is heavier.  Each person has a different field strength and resonance which gives a different weight to the two stones from others who hold them.

    Sometimes subtle and other times dramatic, this shift is felt by most.  Even testing the same Monatomic Andara crystal from day to day will give you an idea of the natural shifts occurring with your field.

    Though subjective in nature, this test is based on scientific principles and the esoteric nature of monatomic elements. With time and practice, this touchstone is as accurate as any other test.

    The fact is you can design any number of tests based in superconductive analysis via electromagnetic field research.  It is the opening of one’s mind to new perspectives that monatomic elements and Andara crystals engender.

    As Sherlock once commented, and I paraphrase, “if normal methods of analysis fails, then we must work from what facts are present, regardless of their impossible nature.”

  2. It has been documented by scientists that monatomic elements can cause one’s DNA to accelerate to a vibrational level of radiance and light emission.  With that said, is there a similar effect when one’s DNA comes into contact with a Monatomic Andara crystal?  Is there scientific precedent for such an effect?

    From trivia comes a scientific discovery. A research scientist once read that metal pipes that were left in freezing temperatures in Alaska would sing, so to speak, without wind or any other reason to.  He reproduced the phenomena in his laboratory.  He then applied the theory of reciprocal engineering thereby having a vibrating pipe produce freezing temperatures, discovering a new field of study in vibratory refrigeration.

    Effects are a two way street and reciprocal engineering is an ancient technique passed down through the ages. Through the use of this technique, we can effectively predict what effects may happen.   In this case, what effects may happen when a Monatomic Andara crystal comes in contact with a person?

    Since contact results in accelerated vibrational rates between each, we can predict the following for the Andara crystal: color changes or enhanced radiance of light refraction and reflections, temperature changes, the appearance of internal features or rainbows, the appearance of an iridescent coating of rainbow colors, the appearance of internal or external lines, visions of beings and other places within the interior, even extra-sensory experiences or contact, the Andara may even jump out of one’s hand.

    For more than a decade, I have witnessed all of the above take place.  I have seen this happen with customers, with friends, even with people over the phone when they had questions about their Andara.  From color changes, rainbows, heliocentric radiance, internal imagery, generating heat, feelings of weightlessness to visions and visitations, I have personally experienced each and every one of them and had them shared with me from people all around the world.

    I watched as one customer held a Monatomic Andara in his lap and fell into a deep trance.  When he came back, the Andara he was holding was completely covered with an iridescent coating of rainbow colors.  6 people witnessed this, three of whom had just been introduced to Monatomic Andara crystals. (See photo at beginning of article.)

    I have observed the appearance of what one customer called spirit lines.  They look like fine, tiny circular marks, like a slinky that has been stretched out.  They appear out of thin air, on the surface, even in the interior.  I have several friends that spot them all the time in my photos.

    A simple test that anyone can do is to hold an Andara and slowly rotate it.  Observe the light reflections and refractions taking place, all the while being aware of any color shifts or internal color changes or shifts in one’s vision.  I have done this with customers for many years, and have even been asked when the color changed if it was some kind of magician’s trick.

    That’s just one of the tests from the multiple documented effects I have mentioned above.  I leave it to you to perform your own tests with the information I have provided.

These are but two of the four remarkable features of Monatomic Andara crystals that anyone can begin with.  Though the tests are individually subjective to each person’s perspective, it is part of what makes monatomic Andara crystals what they are.

As stealth materials of esoteric nature, results are subjective to each person.  What works for one person may not, or could have an opposite result for another. It is up to each of you to find your own touchstone, one that resonates to your unique framework of potentials.

It is in the spirit of exploration that I share this information with all who have asked for this over the years.  Your journey has just begun on a mind and spiritually expanding path to unrestrictive views of the possibilities available to all.

When the time is right and with the blessings of the Andara crystals, the other two remarkable features will be written about.  I have mentioned these to a select few, but for now, they will remain a mystery hidden in plain sight.

Blessings & Light

Øm “not mark” & Linda


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