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When were they discovered?

The answer depends on who you ask, like the question of who discovered America. My personal belief is that they have been in use for much longer than most think.  From my personal research and the research of others, Andara crystals have been in use since ancient times, with some estimates of more that 10 thousand years ago.  In modern times, Lady Nellie is attributed to their rediscovery more than 40 years ago in the US.

When or who discovered their Monatomic properties?

It was myself, Mark Naea, who made the discovery that Andara crystals are monatomic in 2002-2003 while researching their properties and origins from the tiny island of Kauai.  I published my research and findings in the ground breaking document “Monatomic Andara Crystals: Bridging Science, Metaphysics, and Healing” in 2003. This became the foundation of all of the information of their monatomic nature written about today.

How can there be so many different colors of Andara crystals?

The science of crystal and gem color is based on idiochromatic or allochromatic properties and the inclusion of different metals within each variety of gemstone. Each color is a result of the way gemstones absorb and reflect light.

Idiochromatic refers to the gems ability to absorb light, a good example is peridot that absorbs all colors except green, therefore appearing green.  The reason for this is that Peridot contains iron.  Idiochromatic gemstones are rare and sometimes called “self-colored.”

Allochromatic refers to the impurities and trace elements that color gemstones by their presence. When traces of chromium are present in corundum you have a red ruby. If there is titanium present in corundum, you have a blue sapphire.  When the corundum is pure, it is colorless.  Sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow due to the trace elements that produce each color, all in the same family of corundum.

In soil samples taken from the location where the Andara crystals originated, more than 70 monatomic metallic elements were identified.  With such a palette to work from, we have the possibility of any color in the rainbow appearing.


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