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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

Aloha Everyone,

It’s winter Solstice 2012, and a time of change and reflection.

I have been guided to share this article I wrote for a friend of mine on the road ahead as we move into a new consciousness.





The Grand shift is upon us, a time of greater transparency and clarity. All are being tasked with facing reality as it is, with the old beliefs and systems falling like a house of cards in the wind.

It is a transition from the reflective reality of the mind and ego and their apparent restrictions, to that of radiant awareness and freedom.  And like a bird just learning to spread its wings and fly, so too are we who have awakened to our new reality of light consciousness.

We inherently know that we can fly, but because it is such a new experience, the old fears and beliefs arise and we hold back and question these new resonances emerging within our awareness. But there is no stopping this stream of be-ing.

The light of our true self shines on all we perceive, removing the shadows of distortion that we have accepted as truth in the past.  It’s the karma of the past billion or so years pushing us to face the fact of who we are, what we are, and the freedom of our being.

We are on the cliff edge of personal and spiritual convergence, a leap of faith into the unknown and unknowable.  A bird doesn’t know how to fly, it flies. You too must accept that truth, beyond logic or reason, and take that leap into the void that is freedom.

As there has to be skies, free of all restrictions for birds to be who they truly are, so to must there be that leap into openness, to experience and be all that you are. Look around yourself, see your life in the light of awareness, and see the world as it is in all of its complexity.

You don’t know life, you are life itself and beyond knowing. It is the understanding of the reality of change, and the paradox of your unchanging awareness of it all in the timeless expanse of your light.

You are a part of the unknowable that makes up all there is. It is said that as a bird ages, so does it’s understanding of the intricacies of flight.  With age comes wisdom, hence the saying “Wise old bird”.

But wisdom arises only to those who realize that understanding is an ever changing stream, as is life itself.  A bird flies, throughout its life without a second thought. The question to ask yourself is, “Have I taken flight?”

Look around you and you will see more and more have taken to the skies.  And every one of them are there for you, showing you the way. What are you waiting for?


Thank you for the support and input, I appreciate all of your comments to make Life’s Treasures Kauai better.

Blessings & Light

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