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Codex ~ Lemurias 

To begin to understand what the Lemurian Codex™ is, it is best to start with the definition of the title “Codex ~ Lemurias”.

Codex is defined as an ancient manuscript of specialized collective knowledge. The “~” or tilde symbol is defined as “inscribed from above”. Lemurias is the resonant be-ing(s) of infinite light.

So, the “Codex ~ Lemurias” is an ancient encyclopedia from a higher dimension of understanding and being composed of resonant light frequencies both visible and beyond.

The Lemurian Codex™ is made up of six codices, and each codec contains volumes of resonant information.

The Six Codices are in a very specialized format. They are best described as Lemurias Hyper-Spacial Resonant-Scalar Light-Encoded Holo-Dynamic Imagery.

And that’s the short description. Let’s break this down by sections.

Hyper-Spacial as in a heightened perception beyond both the normal sense of space and temporal dimensions as well as the perception of them. This affects both your regular senses as well as your metaphysical senses.

In other words, your perceptions both physical and extra-sensory are taken to a new level of be-ing.

Resonant-Scalar as in an omni-directional resonant frequency that affects the revealing of deeper levels of organization between already existing scalar levels at the same time that existing levels are reorganized.

In other words, your understanding resolves to a finer degree of focus, in both depth and clarity.

Light-Encoded as in specific harmonic frequencies of color, spacial dimensions, and sacred geometry in resonant tones that awaken and reveal the depth of your be-ing.

The imagery sings, as the light beams of Lemurias penetrates and reveals your true life force and meaning.

Holo-Dynamic as in whole or realized knowledge, dynamic in it’s nature, flowing in the stream of the ever present now. Each image is complete unto itself, yet dynamic in its presence, as if moving to an unheard tune. The images seem to dance, energizing the awakening process.

Each Codec unfolds into a dynamic multi-dimensional image that resonates and penetrates to your deepest levels. Both holographic and fractal in composition, the imagery triggers a resonant response of awakening and understanding.

Words cannot describe the energy or impact that these codices have. They are truly a gift from above. For more info, pl;ease visit or better known as “The Lemurian Codex™ of Awakening“.

Next up, the first codec – “Key of Possibilities” . . .  stay tuned!

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