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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

“I am The Avatar, the pure “Blue Ray” from the depths of your be-ing.  I am the now and presence of wisdom,  immeasurable and timeless. I am the streaming resonance and frequency of all knowledge in the ever-present awareness of the universal core.”

This is the powerful transmission from this Sapphire Andara crystal. Now that it is fully activated, the Blue Ray energy streaming from this Andara crystal is extraordinary.  You can actually see the Avatar’s face in the close-up below.

Elestial Sapphire Monatomic Andara crystal is a conduit of the pure “Blue Ray”.  Emanating from the core of the universe, its vibration is the holographic stream of the now, limitless as are we.

Its very color is multi-dimensional, shifting and liquid in its radiance.

Elestial Sapphire has the unique and powerful ability to access the vast universal akashic records of the last 4 billion years, in full 6th Dm aetheric holographic immersion.

Through the resonance of light activation / radiance, knowledge itself becomes a fluid, to partake of as needed.

The Avatar” Andara crystal photographs are filled with images and light. Each time you look at them, you’ll see deeper and deeper into the mysteries of our be-ing.

The wave pattern / frequency of light emitted by this Andara is mesmerizing and transcending, opening the most inner gates of understanding.

The Avatar crystal is also coated with a rainbow of monatomics. See if you can spot the other beings that were caught in the photographs, including deities, ET’s, and other worlds.

 Websters defines Elestial as:

“Heavenly; divine; spiritual, Of or relating to heaven; divine, Supremely good; sublime.”

Sapphire Andara adds this to the definition;

“Immersed in the present moment, all is revealed, from the cosmic ocean of now, illuminated from within.”

Elestial Sapphire unveils the deeper and often hidden threads of cause and circumstance, in the tapestry of ones reality and karmic stream. With the Avatar Andara, one is only limited by ones own beliefs.

I was both blessed and honored to be able to work with The Avatar as its care-taker.  It is one of the most beautiful Andara crystals that has passed through my care.


©2010 Mark Naea, all rights reserved.

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