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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

In an age so far removed from this one, it’s memory now just wisps of clouded myths and legends, there stood a pillar of light.

It was an age before man, before duality, before the prism of view, an age of infinite possibilities. To use words to describe it is but a effort in futility. It is akin to trying to describe the color blue to one without vision.

That being said, it will be up to the reader, and that part of them still in resonance with it, to imagine the wonders and splendor of that age.

It was the Age of Light, now all but forgotten. Very few can even recall it, except for the few Stewards still among us.

It was a world without shadows, the truth of reality shown brightly from all there. Like the light of Heaven, everything was incandescent in it’s unique glory, shining from within, it’s source in God.

This was before the spinning of the “Wheel of Time”, when creation took but a thought, and the world glinted in all colors imaginable.

It was here that the Lemurias, those infinite be-ings of light, served. To say they were few or many is a misnomer. Like trying to measure light, whether bright or dim, their presence was obvious yet unseen.

For long ages the Lemurias served their purposes, each in resonant harmony with the rest. To say they were individuals is also a misnomer. Like a rainbow made up of many colors, their true essence is light.

Like the movement of energy through a wave, so too was the light’s intention carried forward. But in the seemingly paradox of that age, movement was not as we would perceive it.

As a thought has no frame of reference, it’s appearance or disappearance within the mind, so to with the wonders that the Lemurias oversaw.

In it’s entirety, the Age of Light was both the essence of simplicity and unimaginable complexity. The width and breadth could not be measured in any way that would make sense to the reader, nor should you try.

The words written here pale by comparison to the actual reality of that age. But within them, is the key of recognition and awakening that I have been guided to make available to all that seek.

I know that I have just created many new questions, about the Lemurias Light be-ing(s), The Wheel of Time, The Age of Light, the Stewards still among us and how all of this ties into our present age.

Stay tuned, for this is about to get very interesting.

In the mean time, you can read more on my new website, “The Lemurian Codex of Awakening” at  along with the upcoming events and webinars.

It is both a privilege and an honor to be your guide, but in all actuality I am only the instrument of your true self guiding you home.

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