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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

This is a true story, only the names have been changed for privacy.

Earlier this year, a customer who has shopped and purchased Andara crystals before from me came by our showroom.  She had been guided to stop by and was told that something special awaited her.

Jane, not her real name, has been working on enlightenment for years.  We have talked in the past about this subject, and Jane was very interested in the “Light of Be-ing” movie that I had just completed.

At that time, I was still in production for the DVD, but I could show her the digital movie on my laptop.  Jane was amazed at the images and the effect that they had on her.

While still in this receptive state of consciousness, I handed her “Sovereign Flame” to view in the sunlight. Jane held it up to the sky, letting the rays of the sun pass through it and into her crown chakra.

In that timeless moment of light transmission, in an altered state of “Be-ing”, Jane dropped. She said that a powerful resonance went through her while gazing through “Sovereign Flame”.

Jane saw the “8 Gate cards” standing like a house of cards.  Then they all came tumbling down.  Jane turned to me with this powerful vision and shared it.

She  thought that maybe I could use it in the DVD, but I intuitively understood its deeper meaning.

I told her, “That message was for you, you just lost your house of cards so to speak.” And in that space of be-ing, awareness and self-realization, Jane was free.

Jane knew without knowing that something miraculous had occurred.  She had dropped.

She dropped her beliefs and restrictions that had held her back for so long.  She dropped her ego, and the chains that had bound her thinking and being.

Jane could now see clearly as each belief or judgment came up, the basis of their foundation, and that they had no power over her anymore.

Jane held “Sovereign Flame” in reverence, and thanked me for having it here. “Sovereign Flame” was the catalyst, along with the “Light of Be-ing” imagery that awakened Jane to her true self.

I talked to Jane a few days later, and she told of how free she was.  Judgment of her life and its drama, and the people and situations that arose, no longer held her in thrall.  With the freedom to see clearly, she was living in a new world.

©2010 Mark Naea, all rights reserved.

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