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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

“I am the Sovereign Flame, I radiate the deepest amethyst vibration into the violet stream of universal be-ing.  I am the now of becoming, the gateway of transformation and liberation. I am the resonance of freedom, and the joy of the present.”

This is the powerful transmission from this Amethyst Andara crystal. Now that it is fully activated, the energy streaming from this Andara crystal is off the scale.

It is the largest Sovereign Amethyst Andara crystal, over 4 pounds in weight, with a liquid, mirror like exterior surface.

Shot in natural sunlight.

Dancing in its interior like droplets of light, a violet-purple vortex captures one’s awareness. And in that timeless moment, is revealed the true nature of be-ing, freedom, and enlightenment.

“Sovereign Flame”  lit from behind by Natural Sunlight LED lamp.

Sovereign Amethyst Monatomic Andara is truly a gateway between worlds. Like the violet stream of color that radiates from the visible to the unseen, it is the event horizon of discovery.

Sovereign Amethyst’s powerful presence and 6th dimensional energy shifts self-perception and the ego’s limited view. Through the resonance of light activation / radiance, a new perspective of reality reveals itself.

One is lifted free, released from the illusional bindings of limited beliefs and restricted views. You are free to be exactly who you are, unbound and limitless.  You are “Sovereign unto Yourself”.

Websters defines Sovereign as:

 “Exceptional in quality, extremely potent and effective, having supreme, ultimate power”.

Amethyst Andara adds this to the definition:

“Without restrictions or restraints, able to pass between any and all worlds, enlightened and free”.

No wonder that this color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Sovereign Amethyst. And Sovereign Flame takes it  to another level.


©2010 Mark Naea, all rights reserved.

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