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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

Everything is in motion, from the largest galaxies to the smallest particles. The universe vibrates with this energy, awash in a symphony of frequencies. And so are we.

From radio waves to gamma rays, we receive, process and interact in this dance, mostly unconscious of their effects physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each of us has a unique frequency, made up of a complex field of resonant harmonics. We vibrate within this narrow band of resonance, somewhat like a FM radio tuner.

Tuners work using a principle called resonance. That is, tuners resonate at, and amplify, one particular frequency and ignore all the other frequencies in the air.

A resonant frequency is the natural frequency of vibration that will resonate from a complex stream of frequencies, essentially “filtering out” all other frequencies present.

There are many layers of “filtering out” within the human structure, from biological conditions, to photon – electrical matrices of immense complexity.

At any given moment, most of us are aware of but a tiny portion of the stream of frequencies around us. Yet for a small minority, access to this vast stream of knowledge is accessible.

These people have the ability to tune in, so to speak, and resonate at any frequency at will. And like a radio tuned-in, that broadcast is now apparent in communicating it’s details and message.

All of that is about to change, as the time of Resonant Awakening is upon us. More and more of us have found ourselves listening to the broadcast of frequencies in a new light.

In this time of Transparency, we have become aware of much more, and question the old accepted beliefs. The movie that has transfixed so many is ending, and the audience is starting to awaken to who they truly are.

A new world is opening it’s gates, for the old one is falling away. It’s a fact that’s all around us, and the time to awaken is now. Everything you need to awaken is now being made available to you. It’s actually much easier than you think.

Resonant Awakening is happening to people all around the world, and is happening to you as you read this. New tools are made available to all that wish to use them. As you are ready for them, they will appear for your use.

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