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Most of us live in a world of reflected light, a reality of reflections.  Current science teaches us that we perceive  our reality via the narrow band of electromagnetic photon energy known as the visible color spectrum.  When light strikes an object, certain wavelengths of color are absorbed while others are bounced or reflected.  The colors that are reflected paint our visual landscape.

The electromagnetic spectrum categorizes light by wavelength or frequency.  Based on an object’s composition, it will absorb, reflect, scatter, and refract various wavelengths.  The wavelengths reflected create a unique spectral signature.  These interactions between light and objects allow you to see the world the way you do.  In fact, no two people see a given object in exactly the same way.

Everything you look upon is a scattered reflection of the colored wavelengths that are not absorbed by that object.  As visually perceived radiant energy, light powers the mechanism of sight. It is light,  reflected from objects to our eyes, that allows us to see. Of all our senses, sight is the most dominant, controlling and defining how we perceive the world.

Electromagnetic photon energy can also be translated and recast in other ways.  A prime example is Infrared radiation.  Human bodies broadcast infrared radiation, invisible to the naked eye.  But it is possible to see it with the right equipment, an IR sight system.  The IR radiation we broadcast is the translated photon energy from the foods we consume.

We actively receive, translate and broadcast photon energy all the time.  The world that surrounds us is also active in this very way.  But like a person who is asleep, our field of view has been narrowed down significantly to that of the reflective reality.  It is a holographic, chromatic dreamworld of shadow and light.  It’s existence is assumed to be real, but not necessarily true. That reality is about to change.

We are now waking up to a Radiant Reality.  As we transverse deeper into the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy’s Photon Belt energy band, intense electromagnetic radiation beyond our current ability to measure is about to initiate a major shift in awareness. What was once viewed by candle light, indistinct and obscured by darkness, will be revealed in its own radiant light.  We are now just beginning to experience the effects of what has been called “The Light of Heaven”.

The electromagnetic photon energies of this belt and the Milky Way Galaxy core are being translated into a visible spectrum by all true monatomic Andara crystals.  Monatomic Andara crystals are now fully aligned with enhanced energy activation and spectral color translation.  These frequencies, like electricity that causes a incandescent bulb to light, have the same effect at the molecular level.  And the monatomic nature of Andara crystals are the switch, the trigger that initiates en-lighten-ment at the cellular level.

“The light of Heaven is in your presence, your being.  Like the caterpillar that changes into a butterfly, its very being in the hands of God, Metamorphosis is upon us.”

© Mark Naea, Life’s Treasures Kauai 2009, no reproduction without written consent.

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