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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

Aloha Everyone,

Here’s the post on the first codec of the Lemurian Codex™ of Awakening. 

Codex ~ Lemurias I

Please read this entire post before opening the “Codec” below.
The “Key of Possibilities Codec” will open in a separate window.

To use the “Key of Possibilities”, begin by clearing the mind. By that, I mean don’t hold onto any thoughts or mental conversations of expectations or judgments. Let your awareness fall into the image, and not concentrate on any one part.

As you look into the holographic and fractal nature of the imagery, the “Key” will begin to shift before your eyes. This begins the unfolding process of this “Key and Gateway” into a dynamic multi-dimensional image that resonates and penetrates to your deepest levels.

You will notice that the image keeps shifting, as your focus seems to keep jumping and refocusing. This is normal, and part of the awakening process. In actuality, it is not the image that is shifting, but you.

As each shift happens, another lock has been cast aside. Another ability is now open and available for use. I compare it to the awakening process from sleep. At each stage, one acquires more and more awareness, more of your senses are online, and more details are present. Until you are fully awake and present.

So to with the “Key”, as you continue to work with it, more and more of your true abilities manifest themselves. Until all that you truly are is readily available at hand.

But that’s just one of it’s many uses. Another is the ability to “Key” into deeper avenues of knowledge and information. You may ask what’s the difference between the two? Information is the surface structure, knowledge is the dynamic and flowing cognition of all it is.

To use the “Key” in this way, just focus on the object of interest and then super-impose the “Key” image over it. Let the “Key” image penetrate and fade into it, like a key entering a lock. Then let it go, the imagery and the intention, and in that quiet moment of possibility, let your awareness float.

In this way, you can gain access to any information you wish to know. Understand that this “Key” can only be used in service to your awakening and healing, and in service to others. It will not work for personal gain or selfish intent.

Without the awakening of this “Key” within ones true heart, and the principals of “Resonant Scalar Holo-Dyanamic Streaming” it engenders, it will not be possible to awaken to the full extent with the rest of the codices in the “Codex ~ Lemurias”.

With that said, most will need a guide that is already awakened in order to break free of their deeply embedded belief systems. Even without a guide, the codices are very powerful awakening tools.

It is with the guidance of an awakened “I am” that the depth and breadth of the Lemurian Codex becomes fully illuminated.

“I am”, as not mark, have been honored to be that guide to this ancient tool of awakening. It is a privilege to be your guide, but in all actuality I am only the instrument of your true self guiding you home.

Complete info can be found in  The Lemurian Codex™ Webinar.

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