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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

When the subject of intuition comes up, there is usually the raising of eyebrows by some. Like prophecy, it is usually in hindsight that the validity of the intuition is confirmed.

With that said, the question is, “How does one recognize intuition?”.

It’s been said that intuition can appear like a light bulb going off, with instant knowledge. And at other times, it can be a quiet knowing, like being gently nudged in the right direction.

There is both a certainty and a vagueness when it comes to intuition. Because of its very nature, and the fact that it is paradoxical  and not logical, many find it hard to believe that it exists.

To differentiate intuition from the endless stream of thoughts, desires, and ones ego, I find it best to describe intuition and as a guide.

When working with customers, I often find myself being intuitively guided to the correct crystal or mineral for a particular need. It requires very little of me, other than to be aware and listening.

I have also seen how customers are guided to the correct crystal for themselves. When presented with a tray of crystals, there is always one that seems to stand out. And inevitability there is some unseen force guiding the customer to that crystal.

When questioned, I am usually told, “I just knew that this was crystal for me”, or “I heard this crystal calling to me”.

With intuition, there is a presence just beyond our line of sight or thought. A guide that is ever present, though never seen. It exists and is found within, that “I knew – ( fill-in the blank ) was going happen”.

It is the power of intuition as a guide, and the awareness of the possibilities that it presents, that it’s role is brilliantly made manifest.

From counseling, coaching, healing, understanding, and all that life is, intuition plays a vital role from the background of our being.

From synchronicity to life changing, the guidance of one’s intuition is a welcome addition to the navigation of our lives.

To use and recognize one’s intuition, all that is required is to be aware and listening. In the endeavor of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, the access or key is awareness.

It is this attention to listening that the silent voice of intuition is heard. And since it is such a unobtrusive voice, it is easily drowned out in the cacophony of life.

Because it does not conform to logical thinking, and its association with the metaphysical, intuition tends to be ignored and dismissed.

But if one is patient, and pays attention, its voice is loud and clear. And with intuition as your guide, the possibilities opened before you like the stars that light the night sky.

For more on intuition, its role, its development, and use I recommend reading the material on the Lemurian Codex of Awakening and the Light of Being. I also highly recommend the Lemurian Codex of Awakening webinar. 

Within the webinar itself, is the keys and resonance that not only awakens your intuition, but also all of your inherent abilities.

Let your intuition guide you,

Blessings & Light

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