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Celestial Heart

Monatomic Andara crystals have always meant to be portals to other dimensions and information, it is in their monatomic molecular program. Their activation was based on the users level of resonance or vibration. Individuals vary in their light resonance, as do finger prints. But unlike finger prints, one is able to raise / change the level of their resonance.

Prior to 2009, Monatomic Andara crystal energy activation and information portals were based on the level of the user working with them. The more adept the individual, the more energy was available within the meta-circuit. This energy could be used in many ways, healing, information retrieval, self-realization, communication and en-lighten-ment of the physical body and merkabah.

The Monatomic Andara crystal works with the individual, raising their light frequency or resonant presence. Once raised, the individual has access to more of the meta-circuit. Access raises resonant presence, a higher presence give access to more meta-circuit energy, which in turn raises resonant presence. It is a positive feedback spiral based in the sacred geometry of the Golden Mean. The golden mean spiral is an intra-dimensional doorway, with specific vibrational qualities that gives it very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms.

In February of 2009, the Earth crossed a resonant threshold. With its movement towards Galactic dawn, the Earth has now entered a new phase of existence. Several new frequencies of energy are now bathing the Earth from the core that up to now were below the event horizon. As we approach Galactic dawn, these new frequencies will activate dormant parts of our DNA. The activation process has already begun, as can be seen with rising of the Earths harmonic field or heart beat.

Earth’s background base frequency, or “heartbeat” (called the Schumann Resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. Though it varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement was 7.8 Hz (cycles per second). This was once thought to be a constant. Recent reports set the rate at over 11 cycles per second – and climbing. The rate is about 12 cycles per second at present.

Two new Monatomic Andara crystals have been revealed, Celestial Gold Monatomic Andara and color-change Monatomic Andara. The deep emerald green Monatomic Andara shifts to a deep Teal color with amazing energy. The Clear and light green Monatomic Andaras have gone Golden. The Celestial Gold Monatomic Andara carries / emits “The Light of Heaven”, and the color change emits a blue / teal ray of light from higher dimensions.

The Earth is moving into a zone that is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light. Theses new frequencies have activated and energized all true monatomic Andara crystals, creating a bridge of light around the globe. A new paradigm is emerging, replacing the old, dense thought / wave 3 dimensional forms with a 6 dimensional field matrix of light.

The Earth has just entered the Photon Belt, aka “The Light of Heaven” . . .

Monatomic Andara crystals are now fully aligned with enhanced energy activation and color shifting. We have seen this in all of our older Monatomic Andaras and confirmed it with others. No longer dependent on the users resonant field, true monatomic Monatomic Andara Crystals are the morning stars of Galactic Dawn.

© Mark Naea, Life’s Treasures Kauai 2009, no reproduction without written consent.

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