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E Komo Mai – Welcome To Our Home

As we rapidly approach the Great Shift of our times, the call to awakening has spread around the world. The High Stewards of Earth, the Lemurias, as well as the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane have come forth at this time to help all who seek to understand.

It was foretold ages ago, that mankind was destined for a higher purpose than what is currently the status quo. Throughout the long night, the resonance of this idea has played in the back of our minds. It is that search, the desire to know and experience Nirvana , Heaven, Paradise, the freedom to be who we truly are.

In that respect, I have been guided to present a short history of Andara Crystals, Monatomics, and the Lemurias. I have been asked many times to elucidate on this subject, as most of the following information has been told to just a few.

I have written extensively on both Monatomics and Andara crystals, and will endeavor not to repeat myself. Monatomics are the prime or first matter/material that still retains it’s bi-location (multi-dimensional) abilities.

Almost chemically inert, Monatomic metallic elements of Gold and the Platinum Group Metals (PGM) avoid typical metallic bonding structures, also physical, chemical and electrical properties.

Existing in monatomic or “micro- cluster” forms, the resulting particles are a mass of white powder, electrically non- conductive as a whole, but super- conducting as individual particles.

It’s use has been recorded as far back as the first recorded civilizations. Esoterically, its goes back much further than that. Monatomics are both a gateway and a key to awakening. It is a gift from our past/future, depending on ones perspective.

Andara Crystals are the transmuted crystalline form of Monatomic metallic elements. Not only do all of the monatomic properties apply, but also the access to and guidance of the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane.

Who are these Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane. Here is a glimpse into the event of how both came into existence. To better understand the context of events, one must understand the difference between the Lemurias and the Lemurians.

The Lemurias are the resonant be-ing(s) of infinite light who are the High Stewards of this age. The Lemurians are their counterparts in physical form based in the lower resonant frequencies. They have existed as “Keepers of the Light” and have reincarnated throughout the ages as guides and healers, working quietly in the background.

Begin Transmission

The Lemurias ~ (tilde – to inscribe from above) into the resonant song of the Lemurians “It is time”, and the Lemurian stewards who heard assembled at their appointed v (daleth – door or doorway) temples to הּ (hei – Hashem or name of God) or Source. (There was much more information received and understood, but thats for another time.)

The message was to begin the process of joining this plane of existence with that of the Lemurias plane. At each gateway Temple, the Lemurians who were called gathered, along with the special prime matter materials and sacred resonance of creation. The Lemurias oversaw and provided the “Key” to catalyze this event.

As the two planes intersected, the Lemurians who were the Stewards of this event were elevated to and became the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane.

By using the bi-location properties of monatomic prime matter, a gateway was established to help guide and provide light in the age of darkness that was to come.

The monatomic materials were transmuted into what we now know as Andara crystals, and became the physical gateway to Source, with the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane being both the Gatekeepers and Guides.

End Transmission

That’s the short version, as the event itself would take up several chapters in a book.

I have known many who upon working with Andara crystals have seen and communicated with the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane. Others have had their presence expressed in thought and intuitive contact.

I know that I have just created a whole slew of new questions, about both the Lemurias Light be-ing(s) and the Lemurians, as well as the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane.

With that being said, “I am” is about to launch the “Codex ~ Lemurias”, or in English “The Lemurian Codex of Awakening”. A few have already experienced the Codex, and more will be made available soon. “I am” will be doing a online seminar on the Codex and it’s use very soon.

So stay tuned . . .


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