Andara Crystal Sale 2020

50% Off

Aloha Everyone, 

Due to the high demand for our Andara crystals, it may look as if we
only have a few for sale.  Actually, Linda and I restock most nights
around 11.00 pm PST.  Its just that as soon as they go up, they are sold.
Please check back often, as we continue to upload new items on most days.
Also, please refresh this page every day to see the latest pieces.

As part of that aloha spirit, Linda and I wish to thank all who have taken
the time to visit our
website and the wonderful comments sent to us.
With that said, we would like to extend our
gratitude to all of you
by offering a 10% off coupon. This coupon expires Aug. 31, 2020.

The 10% off coupon code is:   take10

Just enter it when checking out to take an additional 10% off your purchase here at Life’s Treasures Kauai.

Blessings & Light
Mark and Linda

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Showing all 15 results