Merlinite “The Magic Bearer”

A rare stone that has a tremendous amount of confusion about it’s name, I would expect nothing less of a stone that is named after Merlin. Also called Psilomelane, Dendritic Opal, or Dendritic Agate, this is a stone of many qualities. The color ranges from deep grey to black and has a changeable luster. The dual coloring blends the spiritual and earthly vibrations together, giving access to the spiritual and shamanic realms. The name Merlinite was given by metaphysical users because of it’s energies and healing

Considered the holder of the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists, magician-priests, and other workers of magic, Merlinite opens the door between worlds (visible & invisible), inviting you to deeper intuitive abilities, specifically with spirit communication. It can assist in connecting with and channeling spirit and other energies like Elementals making it an excellent stone also for those who work with nature on their paths (shamans, witches etc.).

It is a key aid in learning all types of magic and will open psychic channels for intuitive understanding, attracting teachers from other planes to assist in your studies during dream state and meditation. Helps to grasp the disciplines: astrology, scrying, tarot, numerology, and those other ‘occult’ sciences.

Key Attributes:

Assists with past life healing, brings harmony into your present life.

Balances yin-yang and masculine and feminine energies; conscious and subconscious, intellect and intuition.

Attracts synchronicities.

Opens energy field to it’s innate capacity to serve as a channel for manifestation—i.e. birthing the physical world of the creative forces of the higher planes.

Useful in the treatment of skeletal structures and disorders of the veins and arteries, promotes physical growth and to facilitate the flow of blood through the body. It is a cleansing mineral for the body and one which can enhance lymph flow and excretion. It also helps with both the effects of colds, effects of smoking and headaches.

It facilitates reading the “Akashic Record”, inducing travel into past or future lives to gain insight on how to live life in the future.

Enhances organizational capabilities.

Assist with remaining both open and approachable even though we may have suffered from bad experiences ourselves.