Lemurian Seed Crystals, A brief History – Chapter 1

The origins of the Lemurian seed crystals make an interesting story.  Over the years I’ve researched Lemurian information on  the Internet, collected accounts from several of my sources for Lemurian crystals, and consulted several dealers in quartz crystals, who have dealt directly with the owners of the Lemurian mines for many years.

I have been told that pioneering American miners in the 1940s, working land owned by Brazilians, opened up two mines in the mountains of the Serra do Cabral mountain range near the town of Joaquin Felicio, in the state of Minas Gerais.

After World War II, the Americans left. The mines reverted to the control of the Brazilian families who originally owned the land. Five relatives from these families reopened mining operations in the early 1990s, at the larger mine of the two that had been opened up by the Americans.

According to my sources, the Lemurian crystals were found in the mine shafts being dug in the original Lemurian mine, embedded in a matrix surrounded by loose sandy soil, from which it was relatively easy to extract them. Individuals who have direct experience removing crystals from the Lemurian mines say that they have found many long wands deposited vertically in loose, sandy soil, points directed downward, as if someone standing above the location had placed them there.

These Lemurian crystals often appeared in clusters of long shafts and as individual wands. Individual Lemurian wands range in size from a few inches to two feet or more in length, and weigh anywhere from a few ounces to 100 pounds or more. Clusters weighing up to 1200 pounds have been extracted from time to time.

An American mineral dealer, David Geiger, was intrigued by the unusual formations of the crystals in the mine, and forwarded some samples to a colleague, Katrina Raphaell.  Ms. Raphaell designated the crystals as “Lemurian seed crystals“, and offered the world a wealth of channeled information about the origin of these unique crystals.

Because they were fairly easy to extract, it seemed that an intelligent agent had planted them in the soil. Channeled information indicated that ancient civilizations had “seeded” the location with these unique crystals. These ancient civilizations were thought to have intended that their ancestors easily uncover the crystals, while “seeding” the entire region with their resonant light information.

Chapter 2, Lemurian Seed Crystals history to follow

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