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Andara Crystal – The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone

For centuries, alchemists claimed to have knowledge of a “philosopher’s stone” consisting of gems and precious metals that formed a white gold powder. This material was only available to high-level initiates, given in ceremony for the advancement of social status and for the experience and realization of higher states of consciousness.

Ancient Egyptian texts say that the “gods” taught them how to make and use white powder of gold to feed their light body, MerKaBa.  In ancient Egyptian (18th dynasty) it means MER= rotating fields of light, KA= spirit and BA= soul.  When the MerKaBa is activated around a person’s body, he or she is in a place of complete protection, generated by the Love of the Universe.  The Pharaohs were said to “ascend the stairway to heaven” when they consumed a white gold powder.

Many believe that the evolutionary process we are experiencing on our planet today, and the entire concept of a New Age, is based in the achievement of higher states of consciousness and the actualization of the God-self within. Can the “gods” be assisting this process by guiding the discovery of certain substances that will facilitate this process?  You be the judge. . .

A Sacred Discovery

In 1995, a unique mineral deposit was discovered near one of earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California.  Monatomic Elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum, and other monatomic minerals were found in this deposit.  This natural mineral complex exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body.

Discovered within the deposit were glass-like crystals of exceptional power and beauty.  Andara crystal is a glass-like transmuted mineral complex from this naturally occurring mineral deposit high in monatomic minerals.  The modalities of these crystals interact with the individual electromagnetically, restoring health and equilibrium.

Andara crystals positively affect the energy patterns that move through the body’s meridians. Andara crystals initiate electromagnetic balance and harmony via a positive-charged wave that restores and cleanses.  The individual is blessed with greater creativity, enhanced mind body coordination, improved learning ability and less stress.  Calmness and serenity can also result as mental clutter gives way to a more focused thought process.

The Andara Experience

The energy of Andara crystals is specific to the upper chakra centers. Thoughts become more focused, and the transformational process of energy (intent) into matter is accentuated. The vibrational difference between thought, and the object of the thought, becomes reduced. Therefore, the time and conscious effort required to manifest intent into physical reality is also reduced.

Many experience the effects of Andara crystals as dramatically expanded sensory perception and access to information beyond normal third dimensional channels. Intuition is increased, especially experiences of telepathic connection with other people or beings. Connections to your higher divine self are strengthened, increasing feelings of universal oneness, harmony and joy.

Andara crystals are a soul enhancing, high vibrational healing tool that works on all levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual. The process creates a unique healing experience, individual for each person, assisting him or her in releasing unwanted energies while moving toward their next evolution of truth, and back to original divine consciousness.

Andara crystal is one of the master crystals, a healer and a powerful tool for: (1) increasing awareness and vibration to access universal knowledge; (2) cleaning and balancing chakras; (3) activates one’s energy-channeling ability; (4) accelerates the spiritual development process, and (5) aids a person to manifest the life s/he chooses.

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How to Distinguish True Andara Crystals

In 2002, Andara crystals literally walked into our store here on Kauai.  Andara crystals were not widely known back then, with no information on the Internet about them.  But I knew instinctively that we should be carrying them in our store.  I’ll share that story in another blog.

From the very beginning, Andara crystals were very special and treated that way.  They were not on display, very strange behavior for crystal for sale.  My staff took a while to understand how I could sell these if no one could see them displayed.

I told them that the Andara crystals communicated to me that they were not for everyone, and it would be made known when to take them out.  Sure enough, I sold out of every shipment that came in.

As a IT Analyst and expert in Information Systems and Research, I researched and wrote an article entitled  “Andara Crystals – Bridging Science, Metaphysics, and Healing” to be passed out with each Andara Crystal from “Life’s Treasures Hawaii”, our retail store back then.  We have named our web presence Life’s Treasures Kauai to give a better idea to our Internet visitors where we are located physically.

Over the years, as they became more popular, many pretenders came into being, claiming to be Andara crystals.  Information was everywhere on the Internet, with many misleading articles. It was only a matter of time before my article became posted everywhere on the Internet, including the Andara pretenders websites.

It is my hope to try and clear the air somewhat on the many different crystals called Andara, and how to distinguish the original Monatomic Andara Crystals from the pretenders.

True Monatomic Andara crystals come from the High Sierra Mountains of northern California, within a unique mineral deposit of monatomic minerals including elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium and Platinum monatomics.

In my years of extensive research for other sources of Andara crystals, I have not found another site that has the same unique mineral deposit of monatomic minerals, with verifiable sources and testing.  It is the monatomic nature of these Andara crystals that separates them from the rest.

Many people have strong feelings about Andara crystals, regardless of where they are from.  I am not disputing the metaphysical claims of the other crystals, but to mislead by omission, in this case where the source is, fails the test of integrity.   Some will disagree with this article, others may feel threatened by it, but none can dispute its veracity.

©2008 Mark Naea, no reproduction without written consent.

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Monatomic Elements, A Short History – Chapter 1

Over the years, many customers that have bought Andara pendants from us always comment on the energy field that is almost tangible, a whoosh that seems to go through them bringing relief and joy.  They feel lighter, relaxed and surround by love and protection.  Physical pain is lessened, or just isn’t there anymore.  Vitality and optimism seem abundant.  Others report an expansion of consciousness, of oneness with God.

How is it that a crystal pendant can have such an effect on people?  The Monatomic Andara crystal is very special.  In confirmed scientific testing of the location where they were originally found, the soil that Andara crystals were discovered in contain high levels of monatomic metallic elements.

Monatomic metallic elements are single atom metal elements that behave very differently than normal metals.  First, as an example, monatomic gold is a fine white powder with very little weight, where metallic gold is very heavy.  The atomic electron spin rate “frequency’ in monatomic gold is much higher than gold.  Very specialized equipment is needed to even test monatomic gold, as normal testing procedures produce inconclusive results or unknown substance.

When monatomic metallic elements are heated to high temperatures, they transmute to a glass like material, Andara crystal.  Monatomic elements have the following confirmed properties:
· Very high atomic spin rate or vibrational energy
· Like light photons, they pop in and out of existence
· Their vibrational energy can be passed to other objects
· They are first-matter elements, “prima matra”
· They have been used throughout history to heal and raise / expand consciousness . . .

Chapter 2, Monatomic history to follow


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Crystal Meta-Science

The goal of all scientific and metaphysical endeavors is to shed light on the unknown.  What was once thought to be “metaphysical magic” is now commonplace.  We live in a world that is rapidly changing, new discoveries seem to happen on a daily basis and what was believed to be immutable scientific fact has been turned on its head.

The forum of science and that of metaphysics have found a common bridge, Resonance.  From the foundation of vibrational quantum physics, “string theory”, comes the understanding that all matter is made up of resonant strings of energy.  From the realm of metaphysics, “information, transformation and healing techniques”, comes the knowledge that the fabric of the universe is interwoven vibrationally.

Crystals are a special form of matter. Each crystal is a solid with regular internal arrangements of atoms or molecules. An intelligent matrix exists in crystals with the ability to store, amplify and transfer resonant information. Vibrating somewhat like a tuning fork, crystals set up a standing wave of subtle energy states, “Frequencies”.

Each person has their own resonant notes, as do crystals.  When they match up or complement each other, as in a chord – both start to resonate with the other, producing that wonderful effect called Resonance.  It is almost like magic when this happens, for it is hard to describe in words.

That is why each person, as well as crystal, reacts or resonates differently when introduced to a new environment.  Only a crystal that matches that specific frequency will cause the reaction of Resonance.  I have often been asked how is it that some crystals just seem to light up with energy, while others seem dull and listless.  It all has to do with Resonance.

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