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The Catalytic Power of Andaras


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The Catalytic Power of Andaras

A Spiral of PowerIMG_5569_2

Two years ago a dear friend from Hawaii came to visit and to see the proliferation of blue whales who had gathered in Monterey Bay. During her stay, Celeste insisted that we drive to Santa Cruz to walk a Spiral that consisted of an assemblage of powerful stones called Andaras.

We drove up the coast to the home of a fascinating man named Mickey Magic, who is a modern-day Shaman and magician. Mickey had constructed a labyrinth of large, beautiful, multicolored crystals that culminated in a massive green stone at the center of the spiral. The labyrinth sat atop a raised triangular platform on a bed of Lumerian seed crystals.



IMG_0538Potent Glass-like Stones

Even from a distance, the energy emanating from the spiral was so intense that it made the hairs on my arms stand up. In fact the entire half acre of land that his house was situated on resonated with a remarkably high frequency.

Having worked with stones and crystals for over 25 years, I was curious and excited to learn about these incredibly potent glass-like stones. Mickey was kind enough to share their story and he invited us to walk the labyrinth. Celeste and I held clear intentions for our respective goals as we navigated this ‘manifestation spiral’. We have since actualized the dreams we held in our hearts on that day.

Mickey and I formed an instantaneous friendship, perhaps due to our recognition of one another as kindred-spirits who perform very similar kinds of energetic healing. Our bond was cemented by our mutual appreciation of the stones.



Activating Andarasphoto

I now visit Mickey regularly to clean, polish, and activate Andaras that are still covered in dirt and dust from their home in the Earth. We apply equal measures of intention, determination, and elbow grease to transform the dullest and most ordinary-looking stones into gem-like crystals. The stones resonate at a very high frequency no matter what their physical condition, however their vibrational quality is enhanced when we apply our focused attention to them during the cleaning process.

While we work, I listen to colorful stories of Mickey’s multi-faceted life experience infused with hard-earned wisdom. We laugh, share insights, and discuss esoteric healing practices as we breathe life and light into the stones. Like the andaras, Mickey embodies a high frequency and elevates the energy field of those around him, so spending time with him is like swimming with cetaceans. It is no surprise that he was chosen to distribute these valuable power objects to those who are working to elevate the frequency of our planet.



IMG_0457Putting the Andaras To Work

There are active and passive ways of working with Andaras, and how people use them is based on personal preference. Simply placing a stone in one’s environment is enough to initiate a shift in the vibratory field of its surroundings. Their various colors, textures, and densities resonate at unique frequencies and can be used to adjust the ambient energy field of an area to match the resonance of a particular stone.

I actively work with Andaras in all of my meditative, healing, and manifestation practices. Here are some of the ways they add value to my life:

When used as a focal point for visualization, Andaras improve the depth and quality of my meditations. I am more kinesthetically (vs visually) attuned and therefore am sensitive to the ‘feeling-tone’ of energies that I experience and read in others. Andaras are very much like chakras in that their energy is dynamic and alive. Their appearance changes dramatically with the play of light on their external and internal features. I have acquired a collection stones to coincide with the color and frequency of each chakra. The use of these tools has helped to crystalize my visual perception of the energies within my chakra system and that of others.

IMG_5698Andaras augment the Energy Clearing process when the appropriate stones are placed near clients during in-person sessions. Stones are chosen specifically to elevate the vibratory state of each client in support of their desired healing objectives. The stones help to flush out energetic residue of the past and stimulate the flow of fresh energy in the aura and within individual chakras. They reinforce the strength and integrity of the healing sessions. For remote sessions, I utilize the stones to create a ‘placeholder’ for the client’s auric body for the duration of the clearing.

The higher frequencies inherent within Andaras make them a natural tool for amplifying our Manifestation Capacity. They align us with a more elevated and refined aspect of our soul’s highest expression and magnify the potentiality of our intentions. I situate Andaras nearby when I define and visualize my goals and when I hold intentions on behalf of clients to accelerate the Universal laws of attraction in favor of our highest aspirations.

IMG_7874 - Version 2These stunning stones can be assorted into elaborate arrangements to complement Rituals and Ceremonies. I have found that the physical and vibrational characteristics of the different kinds of Andaras naturally blend with the themes of various ceremonies, particularly those related to the earth. At the same time, their elevated frequencies help to channel Divine energies into the Earth plane.

Andaras trigger and support Personal Transformation. As spiritual beings we are born with a fundamental desire to grow, flourish, and actualize our Soul Purpose. However, our human nature often lulls us into habitual patterns of comfort and familiarity that undermine our urge to express our full potential. Andaras activate growth- it’s as though they ignite an internal fire that inspires us to blossom. While positive growth is beneficial to our lives it can sometimes be uncomfortable, particularly if we are resistant to change. Andaras not only stimulate transformative change, they also support our processes of assimilating the shifts that occur within our lives.



Andaras & Wild Cetaceansreef dive - Version 4

I carry Andaras whenever I travel to swim with dolphins and whales, as the frequencies of the stones blend beautifully with the energy of wild cetaceans. When traveling with a group, I briefly place an andara over the anahata (heart chakra) of each person to activate their heart center to align with the resonance of the dolphins and whales.

This ‘Andara Blessing’ balances each participant and brings the group into harmony at a frequency of loving compassion that attracts cetaceans. People report that the stone stimulates a tingling sensation in their chest accompanied by more general feelings of calm, happiness, and inner peace.

IMG_7209It is a privilege to be with cetaceans in their natural environment, and one way for us to demonstrate our appreciation is to enter the water with the intention of sharing our love, light, humor, joy, gratitude, and positive energy. Andaras open our hearts to generously share these gifts with our cetacean friends.


Bring the Magic Home

The Andaras in my collection help me and my clients immeasurably in expected and in unanticipated ways. I would encourage anyone who is committed to a life journey of growth and expansion to bring an Andara along for the ride!

Mickey Magic is the custodian and distributor of these remarkable stones. He is in the process of creating an even more powerful labyrinth at his new home in Santa Cruz. We will keep you posted on the completion of the new Spiral!