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The Power of Possibilities

Aloha Everyone

I’d like to share this story with you as a gift that source has provided, one that shows the true power of possibilities.  Enjoy!

. . . . . . . .

I have a new friend whom I have never met, one that source guided to connect via the Andara crystals and the Lemurian Codices.

Reyna was introduced to the Andara crystals at a seminar. She was quite literally shocked at the energy and power of these crystals that she had never heard of until that day.

As Reyna later researched them on the internet, she came across my website, “Life’s Treasures Kauai” and found a treasure trove of info on these unique crystals.  While surfing my site, she discovered the “Lemurian Codex” imagery and webinars.

As Reyna viewed them on her computer’s monitor, she could see them moving and shifting.

This was something she had not experienced before, as the energy of the images awakened parts of her spirituality that had lain dormant.

Reyna was moved to call me and ask, “What are these Images that have so much in them?”  When we finally connected, it was if old friends were just catching up again.

Reyna told me her story, the experiences with the Andara crystals and the Lemurian Codices, and that she was hungry for more info.

I briefly explained what the Lemurian Codices were and how to use them, and pointed out the 10 hour Webinar course would soon be available online free for all to use.

Reyna couldn’t wait to start, as she was just about to go into surgery for a hand problem and could use all the help that was available.

A week later I was guided to call and check on her.  The timing was such that Reyna had just gotten home a day or so ago from the surgery and was in need of support in her recovery.

Reyna asked me how she could use the Lemurian Codex to heal herself, not letting on about the amount of pain she was in.

I told her to bring up the “Key of Possibilities” codex image on her computer screen, and while looking at it, to super-impose the imagery on her hand with the thought that there is the possibility of complete healing here and now, and then to let the image merge with her hand.

We talked a little more and then said our goodbyes.  I asked her to keep in touch and sent out a request for help in her healing.  Little did I know the events transpiring right after I hung up.

What follows is an email from Reyna a few weeks later describing those events and her remarkable recovery.


Reyna’s email reprinted with permission:

Hello Mark,

I received the picture of the Lemurian Codices and they are Amazing! Thank you, I will fill you in on my surgery update.

I want to say Thank you! So much for the tip on how to use the Key of Possibilities to heal my hand after my major reconstruction hand surgery was performed three days before you called me.

This healing was amazing, I had put my hand against computer monitor shortly after we spoke the pain was incredible on a scale from 1-10, it was 25 not good. I could not even get up from my desk to get pain meds.

So I said to myself “Self we need some heavy healing”, I focus on the Key of Possibilities and to my hand and to my surprise at first I felt one sharp pain and then it felt like a balloon was deflating two minutes later no pain. So I did again for about three days.

Ten days later I went see the surgeon for a post-op visit and the two wound sites were complete healed no swelling the doctor was amazed and ask what was I doing? I said “Lemurian sacred geometry healing” he looked at me puzzled and smiled and took a photo.

Now it is one months since the surgery there is almost no scars, I have no pain and although they want me to have Occupational therapy, my range of motion is more than perfect. I am unable to lift heavy object not because it is difficult but they don’t want me to destroy the graft or anchor that was performed.

I am grateful to the Andara’s which had me go on your site to see the Codices.

Light and Blessings,

The Lemurian Codex Images are available online free for all to experience and use.

The 3 hour webinar Introduction course is also available, along with the 7 hour Practitioners course (Parts 1 and 2) of in depth information and detailed instructions on their use.

The webinars on YouTube HERE.

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New “Lemurian Etherium Gold” Andara Crystal

Aloha Everyone,

Here is the newest colored Monatomic Andara to be named, “Lemurian Etherium Gold”.

This color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Lemurian Etherium Gold. Lemurian Etherium Gold goes from pale pink champagne to an bright orange gold in color, with an intense gold hue of light energy dancing within. Lemurian Etherium Gold’s core is ablaze with a golden radiance, activating the resonance of enlightenment and your true “light essence”.

“Lemurian Etherium Gold” Andara Sunfire

The photo above was taken with natural sunlight lamps as the lighting source.  It is an amazing display of both the power and mystery of Monatomic Andara crystals

The actual colors are much more vibrant peach / gold  than I could capture with my camera, and the Lemurian Etherium Gold andara crystal radiates an peach pink color depending on the angle you view it from.

Andara crystals positively affect the energy patterns that move through the body’s meridians. Andara crystals initiate electromagnetic balance and harmony via a positive-charged wave that restores and cleanses.  The individual is blessed with greater creativity, enhanced mind body coordination, improved learning ability and less stress.  Calmness and serenity can also result as mental clutter gives way to a more focused thought process.

The energy of Andara crystals is specific to the upper chakra centers. Thoughts become more focused, and the transformational process of energy (intent) into matter is accentuated. The vibrational difference between thought, and the object of the thought, becomes reduced. Therefore, the time and conscious effort required to manifest intent into physical reality is also reduced.

Many experience the effects of Andara crystals as dramatically expanded sensory perception and access to information beyond normal third dimensional channels. Intuition is increased, especially experiences of telepathic connection with other people or beings. Connections to your higher divine self are strengthened, increasing feelings of universal oneness, harmony and joy.

Andara crystal is one of the master crystals, a healer and a powerful tool for: (1) increasing awareness and vibration to access universal knowledge; (2) cleaning and balancing chakras; (3) activates one’s energy-channeling ability; (4) accelerates the spiritual development process, and (5) aids a person to manifest the life s/he chooses.



©2011 Mark Naea, no reproduction without written consent.

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Natures Mystery – Garnet Included Quartz


Metaphysical Properties

Quartz crystal is used to both harmonize and align human energies – thought, consciousness, emotions – with the energies of the universe and is recognized as a “stone of power”.

An energy amplifier; quartz doubles the auric field, storing, releasing and regulating energy on the physical and mental dimensions. Quartz provides for clarity in thinking and assists in retaining calmness in all situations.

When quartz is included, those mineral inclusions properties are also enhanced and amplified.

From antiquity, Garnets have a long history of use as both a talisman and symbol of power and healing.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans wore garnet jewelry for protection, success, and health.

It has been used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, South American Indians, Aztecs, African tribal elders and the Mayans.

Since the times of the Noah’s ark, garnets have been used to light the way into the inner part of the ark. Because of its guiding quality, garnet is used to direct travelers and keep them save on a journey.

Garnet is a stone of truth and purity as well as a symbol of love and compassion.

Known as the “stone of health”, garnets are able to help in purifying the bodily energies, in removing toxins, and in restoring, revitalizing and cleansing the body, mind, and spirit.

Garnet is used to extract negative energy from the chakras and transmuting the energy to a beneficial state. It enhances ones internal fire and creativity.

Garnet is a stone of romantic love and passion. Metaphysically it is used to enhance sensuality, sexuality and intimacy.

Also known as a “stone of commitment”, the loving powers of Garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion, bringing the love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding.

Garnet is an excellent stone for manifestation, and can assist mystically with building one’s self-confidence as well as success in one’s chosen profession or business.

It balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini and stimulates both the base and crown chakras.

Garnet produces an energy which is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive and disorganized growth. Like Fluorite, it can be used to bring order to chaos.

Garnet is also a protective energy stone which is especially effective for protection from evil.

A garnet gemstone under a pillow is said to prevent bad dreams, as well, wearing the gemstone in jewelry is told to help generate popularity amongst peers, and help alleviate depression; it will also bring constancy to friendships.

Chlorite included Quartz
One of the most powerful healing minerals available. Chlorite provides a powerful “Earth” energy, which cleanses the aura, chakras and meridians of obstruction. It helps dissipate anger, hostility and frustration.

Click here for my detailed article under “The Sacred Geometry of Chlorite in Quartz”.

Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated quartz intensifies the power of the quartz crystal. It heightens the energetic impulse of Quartz and is a very efficient vibrational healer. It cleanses and energizes the aura, aids astral travel, scrying and channeling. It gives protection against psychic attacks.

Click here for my detailed info in “Crystal Properties”.

Pyrite included Quartz
Usually formed in brass or silver cubes. It creates a protective energy within the aura which is able to prevent/reduce the intrusion of all forms of negative energy. This creates a uniquely protective stone.

Pyrite has a defensive character and is an excellent choice to shield one from many forms of negative energy. Simply having a piece of pyrite on ones person brings in the protective, shielding aspect of this stone which works on the physical, etheric, and emotional level.

Click here for my detailed info on Pyrite in “Crystal Properties”.

Numerology- Red Garnet vibrates to the number 2.  The number 2 is about partnerships, cooperation and gentleness.

Gemological Properties- Quartz is in the hexagonal crystal system and has a chemical composition of SiO2.  It is a transparent gemstone with a wide color range.  The refractive index is 1.54 and the specific gravity is 2.66.  The hardness is a 7 on the Moe’s Hardness Scale.  All quartz crystals have strongly piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, and are excellent amplifiers.

Almandine and Pyrope are two of the most common varieties of red garnet.   The dark red Almandine variety is usually seen as ‘Star garnet’and is composed of Fe3Al2(SiO4)3.  The Pyrope variety is very common and the chemical composition is Mg3Al2(Si04)3.  Garnet belongs to the Cubic crystal system and is red to deep red in color.  The hardness is 7-7 ½ on the mohs scale.

Hessonite Garnet is from the Grossularite mineral species belonging to the Garnet group.  The crystal system is cubic and offers a chemical composition of Ca3AL2(SiO4)3.  It us usually seen in transparent to semi-transparent crystals with a light to dark yellow to reddish orange color. The hardness is a 7, refractive index is 1.74, specific gravity is 3.61

Chlorite is a name used for a group of sheet silicate minerals with similar properties. It occurs in various shades of green, yellow, white, pink and rose-red.It’s chemical composition generalized formula is (Mg,Fe)3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2.(Mg,Fe)3(OH)6. It is a silicate in the monoclinic crystal system,with a mohs hardness of 2 – 2.5.

Pyrite is a Iron Sulfide (FeS2) which belongs to the Isometric or cubic crystal system.  Found predominately in cubes, pyritohedrons, sometimes octahedral and more rarely, distorted octahedral crystals.  It is also seen in the drusy formation and often as inclusions inside quartz.  The hardness is around a 6.5 and the specific gravity is very heavy, 5.02. The refractive index is very high and over the limits of a refractometer.   Iron Pyrite is a very abundant mineral found world wide.

© Mark Naea, Life’s Treasures Kauai 2011, no reproduction without written consent.
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“Sovereign Flame” Amethyst Andara Crystal

“Sovereign Flame” Amethyst Andara

“I am the Sovereign Flame, I radiate the deepest amethyst vibration into the violet stream of universal be-ing.  I am the now of becoming, the gateway of transformation and liberation. I am the resonance of freedom, and the joy of the present.”

This is the powerful transmission from this Amethyst Andara crystal. Now that it is fully activated, the energy streaming from this Andara crystal is off the scale.

It is the largest Sovereign Amethyst Andara crystal, over 4 pounds in weight, with a liquid, mirror like exterior surface.

Shot in natural sunlight.

Dancing in its interior like droplets of light, a violet-purple vortex captures one’s awareness. And in that timeless moment, is revealed the true nature of be-ing, freedom, and enlightenment.

“Sovereign Flame”  lit from behind by Natural Sunlight LED lamp.

Sovereign Amethyst Monatomic Andara is truly a gateway between worlds. Like the violet stream of color that radiates from the visible to the unseen, it is the event horizon of discovery.

Sovereign Amethyst’s powerful presence and 6th dimensional energy shifts self-perception and the ego’s limited view. Through the resonance of light activation / radiance, a new perspective of reality reveals itself.

One is lifted free, released from the illusional bindings of limited beliefs and restricted views. You are free to be exactly who you are, unbound and limitless.  You are “Sovereign unto Yourself”.

Websters defines Sovereign as:

 “Exceptional in quality, extremely potent and effective, having supreme, ultimate power”.

Amethyst Andara adds this to the definition:

“Without restrictions or restraints, able to pass between any and all worlds, enlightened and free”.

No wonder that this color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Sovereign Amethyst. And Sovereign Flame takes it  to another level.


©2010 Mark Naea, all rights reserved.

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Manifestation Quartz – Crystals of a New Reality

Manifestation crystals are truly rare, wondrous crystals that are one of nature’s truest gifts. They should be actively sought out and used constantly as Manifests are the crystals of Inner Joy.

Manifestation crystals occurs when a quartz crystal is totally enclosed by a larger quartz crystal. It is the rarest shaman stone / metaphysical crystal and is believed to have the purest vibration of any quartz crystal.

As the name implies, Manifestation crystals are used to manifest (help to create) a new reality. A reality based on the wishes and intent of one’s desires. If there is something which one wishes to manifest, the relevant questions are: “Do I really want this?” and “Are there reasons that I may not want this?”

If the mind / heart of a person are in disagreement, the crystal will not facilitate manifestation because it is receiving mixed messages. One must clear any feelings of ambivalence and inner turmoil prior to using this crystal.

These crystals are used to manifest the purest vibrations of creation in our physical realm, and that which resonates with the divine principles.

Manifestation crystals can also be used to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, and to increase or decrease any aspect of ones life.

It is also used in crystal healing and meditation, and is said to bring ultimate mental clarity and help reveal the cause of difficulties, in order to understand / heal them completely.


There are two types of Manifestation crystals, the first is where an older quartz crystal is enclosed in a younger, larger quartz crystal. This crystal will help you recapture your youthful optimistic outlook.

The inner crystal is older, but it is now contained within the younger, larger crystal. This is the opposite of the normal young within the body of the older mother.

This crystal gives you the Yin power to submerge your actual self in the childlike wonder you once possessed. See the world with childlike joy and enthusiasm with this special crystal – you will amaze yourself with its power.

The second type of Manifestation Quartz occurs when a totally new quartz crystal literally manifests itself within another quartz crystal. I have personally seen this happen several times over the years at our showroom.

These Manifestation crystals facilitate the manifestation of blessings and wishes. This crystal clearly unveils the “Divine as Manifest”, and that anything is possible.

These Manifestation crystals are clear and perfect channels that provides a pure white light, guiding one to the Divine that is within. They promote oneness, aligning to divine purpose and the manifestation of that purpose in ones life / this reality.


Numerology–  Manifestation Quartz vibrates to the number 99 which represents the higher octave of 9. Of all the single digit numbers, 9 is considered the most profound.  Composed of three trinities (3 times 3 equals 9), nine represents the principles of the sacred Triad taken to their utmost expression.

Nine is considered thrice sacred and represents perfection, balance, order — in effect, the supreme superlative. The number 9 represents selflessness and universal awareness — fulfillment, completion, universality, understanding, tolerance, compassion, impersonal, generosity, forgiveness, humanitarian, and universal truths.

© Mark Naea, Life’s Treasures Kauai 2009, no reproduction without written consent.

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Rare Manifestation Quartz Carved Scarab

Carved Manifestation Quartz Crystal Scarab


The sacred Egyptian symbol for spontaneous creation, “Divine Manifestation”, rebirth, renewal and resurrection, the scarab was also a symbol of protection in this life and the next.

Sacred to the Egyptian Sun Gods, scarab amulets, talismans and jewelry provided the wearer with both the protection of the Sun and its creative life-force, as well as physical strength and courage.

Manifestation crystals are truly rare, wondrous crystals that are one of nature’s truest gifts.  They should be actively sought out and used constantly as Manifests are the crystals of Inner Joy.

Manifestation crystals occurs when a quartz crystal is totally enclosed by a larger quartz crystal. It is the rarest shaman stone / metaphysical crystal and is believed to have the purest vibration of any quartz crystal.

As the name implies, Manifestation crystals are used to manifest (help to create) a new reality. A reality based on the wishes and intent of one’s desires.

These Manifestation crystals are clear and perfect channels that provides a pure white light, guiding one to the Divine that is within. They promote oneness, aligning to divine purpose and the manifestation of that purpose in ones life / this reality.


© Mark Naea, Life’s Treasures Kauai 2009, no reproduction without written consent.