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Winter Solstice 2012

Aloha Everyone,

It’s winter Solstice 2012, and a time of change and reflection.

I have been guided to share this article I wrote for a friend of mine on the road ahead as we move into a new consciousness.





The Grand shift is upon us, a time of greater transparency and clarity. All are being tasked with facing reality as it is, with the old beliefs and systems falling like a house of cards in the wind.

It is a transition from the reflective reality of the mind and ego and their apparent restrictions, to that of radiant awareness and freedom.  And like a bird just learning to spread its wings and fly, so too are we who have awakened to our new reality of light consciousness.

We inherently know that we can fly, but because it is such a new experience, the old fears and beliefs arise and we hold back and question these new resonances emerging within our awareness. But there is no stopping this stream of be-ing.

The light of our true self shines on all we perceive, removing the shadows of distortion that we have accepted as truth in the past.  It’s the karma of the past billion or so years pushing us to face the fact of who we are, what we are, and the freedom of our being.

We are on the cliff edge of personal and spiritual convergence, a leap of faith into the unknown and unknowable.  A bird doesn’t know how to fly, it flies. You too must accept that truth, beyond logic or reason, and take that leap into the void that is freedom.

As there has to be skies, free of all restrictions for birds to be who they truly are, so to must there be that leap into openness, to experience and be all that you are. Look around yourself, see your life in the light of awareness, and see the world as it is in all of its complexity.

You don’t know life, you are life itself and beyond knowing. It is the understanding of the reality of change, and the paradox of your unchanging awareness of it all in the timeless expanse of your light.

You are a part of the unknowable that makes up all there is. It is said that as a bird ages, so does it’s understanding of the intricacies of flight.  With age comes wisdom, hence the saying “Wise old bird”.

But wisdom arises only to those who realize that understanding is an ever changing stream, as is life itself.  A bird flies, throughout its life without a second thought. The question to ask yourself is, “Have I taken flight?”

Look around you and you will see more and more have taken to the skies.  And every one of them are there for you, showing you the way. What are you waiting for?


Thank you for the support and input, I appreciate all of your comments to make Life’s Treasures Kauai better.

Blessings & Light

Øm “not mark”

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Lemurian Scalar Quartz (aka Nirvana Quartz)

First discovered in 2006, Lemurian Scalar Quartz is an extraordinary mineral from a bygone age. Resonating with the Golden age frequencies at the Height of the Lemurian Civilization, these special crystals have now surfaced at the birth of a new Golden dawn.

Found at elevations of over 16,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal and India, Lemurian Scalar Quartz is a special gift from our past, initiating amazing shifts in our own energy frequencies. As no two people are alike, so too are these crystals, each with its own special frequency.

Lemurian Scalar Quartz incorporates the healing frequencies of all of the minerals that helped in the shaping of their physical form. Unlike most quartz six-sided crystalline formations, this quartz crystal grew with several companions; calcite, fluorite, anhydrite, hematite and carbon just to name a few.

Over time, each companion added its special frequency to the quartz before being reabsorbed back into the earth. It is in this scalar like format that the frequencies of all the minerals combined to produce Lemurian Scalar Quartz.

The results are reflected in the indentations, grooves and other irregularities along the prismatic faces of the quartz crystal. They can be also shaded in hues of rose and pink as well as ice colored. The interiors are crystal clear, usually without any inclusions, glowing with clarity.

It is this clarity within that resonates with divine source that makes this a powerful healer and awakening crystal. Lemurian Scalar Quartz is one of the master crystals of this timeframe, assisting in the removing of the veil of limitations.

As a healer, it works on many levels, from emotional to the physical, both spiritual and karmic conditions of discord, as well as unveiling the foundations of their being. It is with this realization and revelation that true healing can not only occur, but bring about miraculous change in one’s life and path.

Lemurian Scalar Quartz assists and facilitates understanding of our emerging awakening, that we are beings of light with unlimited abilities, energy, and grace.  It helps to remove any doubts as to our destiny as such, and places us in complete command of our life.

Lemurian Scalar Quartz unveils the divine light of your true self within, deepening your experience of life. It is both instructor and instruction, dynamic in its exchange of knowledge and response, and spans  the gap between the known and unknowable.

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Rare Fluorite Columbite-Tantalite Specimen

Aloha Everyone,

Here’s a rare treat. a truly unique and one of a kind Columbite specimen with Fluorite. And not just a one color Fluorite, but a violet / gold combination with orange highlights.

By combining the unique properties of Columbite with the healing qualities of Fluorite, we now have a very powerful mineral-crystal union.

Metaphysical Properties – Columbite

Within the Columbite-Tantalite ore, resonates the unique vibrational properties of Niobium and Tantalum. Both impart strength of character, deflecting unwanted energies, and extraordinarily resistance to negative energy and heated situations. Niobium and Tantalum increases flexibility while maintaining ones inner strength, shielding against corrosive environments, and increases physical endurance and emotional equilibrium. Combined, these two elements provide a positive sphere of protection and influence, powerfully grounding while maintaining ones high frequency state. They increase physical as well as mental / spiritual energy, patience and endurance. Niobium and Tantalum enhance clear thinking, assisting in decision-making, with inspirational flashes of insight with respect to problem solving.

Tantalum increases ones radiance, while preventing physical as well as mental / spiritual burnout. It helps to relieve stress, irritation and discomfort. Tantalum provides a medium / bridge between the physical and the spiritual, assisting with the energetic merging of the two. As a resonant capacitor, Tantalum can be used to store energy, to resonate with higher frequencies, or to link spiritual and physical forces.

Niobium’s superconductivity and enhanced magnetic field properties create the phenomenon of zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field. Very high states of be-ing / resonance can be maintained, with little if any energy loss. One is transported beyond the 3rd dimensional boundaries while maintaining a grounded physical connection. While in this state, one is able to work in possibility waves, fractal consciousness, and the true nature of reality.

Columbite-Tantalite ore generates a resonant light field, geometrically in proportion following the golden mean sacred geometry by size. With this stone, size does matter. A larger specimen will generate a much larger geometrically factored field than a smaller one. With this in mind, one large piece will have a much stronger and larger field than the same weight in smaller pieces. The analogy I use would be to compare the output of a 10 watt flashlight to ten 1 watt penlights. The flashlight will be much brighter, reaching out much further in illumination than the ten penlights used together.


Metaphysical Properties – Fluorite

Violet / Purple Fluorite aids the ability to meditate, increases psychic development and brings spiritual peace and wholeness. It stimulates the third eye and imparts common sense to psychic communication.

It increases spiritual balance, mystic visions, and expressions of the spirit. For some, it will help them to begin accessing information to further their spiritual development. This gemstone is more than a ‘mental’ stone, as it also radiates energy throughout the light body.

It is very good for channeling archangels or other beings from a high spiritual realm. A tool of self-transformation, Violet / Purple Fluorite has the capacity to bring about transformation by transmuting the negative elements within ourselves. It has the unique ability to transform fear into courage, anxiety into peace and hatred into love.

It also carries the essence and vibrational resonance of the Violet Flame. The violet flame (also called the violet fire) is a unique spiritual energy that can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, or just make life easier.


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Intuition – It’s Role and How to Recognize It

When the subject of intuition comes up, there is usually the raising of eyebrows by some. Like prophecy, it is usually in hindsight that the validity of the intuition is confirmed.

With that said, the question is, “How does one recognize intuition?”.

It’s been said that intuition can appear like a light bulb going off, with instant knowledge. And at other times, it can be a quiet knowing, like being gently nudged in the right direction.

There is both a certainty and a vagueness when it comes to intuition. Because of its very nature, and the fact that it is paradoxical  and not logical, many find it hard to believe that it exists.

To differentiate intuition from the endless stream of thoughts, desires, and ones ego, I find it best to describe intuition and as a guide.

When working with customers, I often find myself being intuitively guided to the correct crystal or mineral for a particular need. It requires very little of me, other than to be aware and listening.

I have also seen how customers are guided to the correct crystal for themselves. When presented with a tray of crystals, there is always one that seems to stand out. And inevitability there is some unseen force guiding the customer to that crystal.

When questioned, I am usually told, “I just knew that this was crystal for me”, or “I heard this crystal calling to me”.

With intuition, there is a presence just beyond our line of sight or thought. A guide that is ever present, though never seen. It exists and is found within, that “I knew – ( fill-in the blank ) was going happen”.

It is the power of intuition as a guide, and the awareness of the possibilities that it presents, that it’s role is brilliantly made manifest.

From counseling, coaching, healing, understanding, and all that life is, intuition plays a vital role from the background of our being.

From synchronicity to life changing, the guidance of one’s intuition is a welcome addition to the navigation of our lives.

To use and recognize one’s intuition, all that is required is to be aware and listening. In the endeavor of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, the access or key is awareness.

It is this attention to listening that the silent voice of intuition is heard. And since it is such a unobtrusive voice, it is easily drowned out in the cacophony of life.

Because it does not conform to logical thinking, and its association with the metaphysical, intuition tends to be ignored and dismissed.

But if one is patient, and pays attention, its voice is loud and clear. And with intuition as your guide, the possibilities opened before you like the stars that light the night sky.

For more on intuition, its role, its development, and use I recommend reading the material on my other websites, the Lemurian Codex of Awakening and the Light of Being. I also highly recommend the Lemurian Codex of Awakening webinar.  CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED.

Within the webinar itself, is the keys and resonance that not only awakens your intuition, but also all of your inherent abilities.

Let your intuition guide you,

Blessings & Light

not mark

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The Seed

Aloha Everyone,

I was recently asked  by a good friend this question: “Where do I find the secrets to the Universe?”  You see, my friend has been a seeker all his life, wanting to know and experience for himself the teachings he had read, as well as that which was told to him in person.

The reply that not mark was guided to present maybe useful to others on the path, so I will make it available here for all to see, and glean that which they may need.

This parable is as an answer to your questions:

How many seeds in an apple? That is of mundane knowledge.
How many apples in a seed? That is of the supra-mundane, beyond knowledge.

Within each seed, is the entire blue print of it’s being, from seedling to tree, it’s all there.
If a little seed can have the secrets of the universe contained within itself, how is it that you do not.

Do not seek, for all that you will find is the mundane, instead
be as a seed, and watch all that you are unfold into crystalline clarity.

not mark

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Andara Crystals, Monatomics, and the Lemurias

As we rapidly approach the Great Shift of our times, the call to awakening has spread around the world. The High Stewards of Earth, the Lemurias, as well as the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane have come forth at this time to help all who seek to understand.

It was foretold ages ago, that mankind was destined for a higher purpose than what is currently the status quo. Throughout the long night, the resonance of this idea has played in the back of our minds. It is that search, the desire to know and experience Nirvana , Heaven, Paradise, the freedom to be who we truly are.

In that respect, I have been guided to present a short history of Andara Crystals, Monatomics, and the Lemurias. I have been asked many times to elucidate on this subject, as most of the following information has been told to just a few.

I have written extensively on both Monatomics and Andara crystals, and will endeavor not to repeat myself. Monatomics are the prime or first matter/material that still retains it’s bi-location (multi-dimensional) abilities.

Almost chemically inert, Monatomic metallic elements of Gold and the Platinum Group Metals (PGM) avoid typical metallic bonding structures, also physical, chemical and electrical properties.

Existing in monatomic or “micro- cluster” forms, the resulting particles are a mass of white powder, electrically non- conductive as a whole, but super- conducting as individual particles.

It’s use has been recorded as far back as the first recorded civilizations. Esoterically, its goes back much further than that. Monatomics are both a gateway and a key to awakening. It is a gift from our past/future, depending on ones perspective.

Andara Crystals are the transmuted crystalline form of Monatomic metallic elements. Not only do all of the monatomic properties apply, but also the access to and guidance of the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane.

Who are these Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane. Here is a glimpse into the event of how both came into existence. To better understand the context of events, one must understand the difference between the Lemurias and the Lemurians.

The Lemurias are the resonant be-ing(s) of infinite light who are the High Stewards of this age. The Lemurians are their counterparts in physical form based in the lower resonant frequencies. They have existed as “Keepers of the Light” and have reincarnated throughout the ages as guides and healers, working quietly in the background.

Begin Transmission

The Lemurias ~ (tilde – to inscribe from above) into the resonant song of the Lemurians “It is time”, and the Lemurian stewards who heard assembled at their appointed v (daleth – door or doorway) temples to הּ (hei – Hashem or name of God) or Source. (There was much more information received and understood, but thats for another time.)

The message was to begin the process of joining this plane of existence with that of the Lemurias plane. At each gateway Temple, the Lemurians who were called gathered, along with the special prime matter materials and sacred resonance of creation. The Lemurias oversaw and provided the “Key” to catalyze this event.

As the two planes intersected, the Lemurians who were the Stewards of this event were elevated to and became the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane.

By using the bi-location properties of monatomic prime matter, a gateway was established to help guide and provide light in the age of darkness that was to come.

The monatomic materials were transmuted into what we now know as Andara crystals, and became the physical gateway to Source, with the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane being both the Gatekeepers and Guides.

End Transmission

That’s the short version, as the event itself would take up several chapters in a book.

I have known many who upon working with Andara crystals have seen and communicated with the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane. Others have had their presence expressed in thought and intuitive contact.

I know that I have just created a whole slew of new questions, about both the Lemurias Light be-ing(s) and the Lemurians, as well as the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane.

With that being said, “I am” is about to launch the “Codex ~ Lemurias”, or in English “The Lemurian Codex of Awakening”. A few have already experienced the Codex, and more will be made available soon. “I am” will be doing a online seminar on the Codex and it’s use very soon.

So stay tuned . . .