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How to Activate Your Nascent Andara Crystal

As you can see by the title, not all Andara crystals are activated. The fact is that many of them are awaiting activation, or so it would seem.

As a master class crystal, Monatomic Andara crystals are very high vibrational tools, and as such, their energy signature may not be visible or felt.

Over the years, I have seen and experienced this scene time and again. People are attracted by them, but can’t seem to put a finger on why. And the ones that do resonate with them wonder how to best use them. And still others feel that the energies within the Andara are very powerful, but are dormant.

I have been asked if Andara crystals need to be activated, and my response is, “no they don’t.” Yet, the questions remain for those who feel that their Andara crystal isn’t activated.

This is the paradox that Monatomic Andara crystals present, the idea of “activation.”

In actuality, it is not that they need activation or are dormant. It is their very nature to be inaccessible to those not ready for them. I compare them to a wish fulfilling gem that can only be used if you have the keys to unlock their power.

You could look at it this way, your car is a very powerful and useful tool. But without the keys, it becomes a yard ornament.

So what are these keys that I have mentioned?

The Andara crystals have provided that answer, for those of you who have read this far already. If you do not understand, please re-read from the beginning of the post carefully, and see what has been presented for all to see if they truly look.

If you still don’t see it, don’t worry, for you fall within the majority when it comes to translating symbolic intuitive recognition with logical mental reasoning.

The first key is located in this sentence from a few paragraphs ago, “It is their very nature to be inaccessible to those not ready for them.”

This equates to the car analogy, for without the proper training or knowledge, you will not know where to begin or even how to start.

But that’s as far as the analogy goes, for the car is not a tool that is working in the background to provide you those keys to its use.

It is safe to say that your reading this post implicitly shows that you are ready to move on to the next level. And that Andara crystals are there to help you.

This is the paradox I mentioned, “That Monatomic Andara crystals present the idea of activation.”

The majority will take that to mean that Andara crystals need activation. But if you read this statement carefully, it is the “idea of activation” that is being presented, and the realm of ideas falls within your own consciousness.

It is not the Andara crystal that is to be activated, it is you. Like fingers pointing towards the moon, do not mistake the crystal for the moon. Andara crystals point to the infinite potential that lies within us all, and acts as a gateway to higher realms of be-ing.

This is not a teaching to be understood, but more of a fine meal to be consumed in joy and wonder as it becomes part of our stream.

For those on the brink of understanding, there is a technique that I have shared in private sessions on how to get past this block.

A close friend of mine, who is a powerful intuitive and healer was not able to access her Black Andara crystal to use in her practice. She knew it was powerful and would be of great help, but could not seem to connect with it. The Andara crystal just sat there, day after day.

She finally approached me on the matter, knowing I would good-naturedly point out the obvious, that she already knew how to use it. She replied, “Of course I do, but can you help me to remember?”

I told her to use the “Key of Possibilities” codex image, and place it on the Andara crystal to unlock it, so to speak. What Happened next was beyond her imagination, and will be told in a later post. Needless to say, the Black Andara crystal is now a very special part of her practice, and active participant in her healing work.

You can find all the information here on the “Lemurian Codex” and the “Key of Possibilities”.

Blessings & Light

Øm “not mark”

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from the Free eBook “Light of Be-ing

Clarity – the visual or mental quality of being able to see or think with focus, without judgment or the filters or lenses of ego that mar the true color or meaning of reality.

“What is, right now, is perfection – presence has not arisen from the past and is not leading to the future. All appears presently as a play in awareness. The apparently separate individual may be involved with self-improvement, spiritual life or anything else throughout the unfolding of that life. But only the clarity of what You really are undermines the search for awakening or for being anything other than what already is.”
Nathan Gill


The term “Color”, as used in this context refers to a frequency of reality. Everything and everyone has a frequency, is vibrating, has a resonant be-ing. From the Universe on down to the nucleus of a molecule, all is in motion. And each motion, frequency, has it’s signature resonance.

The word color is a general descriptive only, as in “the grass is green”. Green is a general descriptive of the frequency of light that is being reflected by the blades of grass. But because of how words are viewed, especially when they are being seen through the lens of ego, i. e. “beliefs”, one will see and hear what one wishes. Whether in agreement or not, the colors, or in this case meaning takes on a personal viewpoint.

Any belief system, even a “no-belief system” such as atheism, requires an ego to support it. At its fundamental core, ego weighs each information element, decides contextual, physical, mental and emotional placement, and projects its picture of reality upon the minds screen.

As more and more information elements are quantified and projected in this way, an illusion of a self is cast. It is cast in the sense of a shadow, as in when one stands in front of a light source, in this case the egos projections.

The reason it is an illusion is that it is made up of nothing more than ever changing projections of its own interpretation of reality. It is this interpretation that forms the basis of self and belief systems.

Ego literally projects the image of self, self projects belief systems, and belief systems filter the reality that ego processes. It is a closed system, one that imprisons. And the reason that it is so hard to get out of is that it truly doesn’t even exist.

Ego supports self and beliefs by providing reinforcing information elements, self supports ego and beliefs by specifying reinforcing information elements, and beliefs support self and ego by rendering suitable interpretations of information elements.

One word ties all of this together, it is the chains that bind the body, mind and spirit. It has been used throughout history to enslave, deprive, divest, impoverish and strip one’s freedom. It is the keystone of ego, self and beliefs, its very foundation, without which all of the above would fade away.

That word, idea, embodiment, prison – is Judgement.

Who you really are asks, “ Can you experience the world, your world, as it is with Clarity?”

©2010 Mark Naea, all rights reserved.

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Lemurian Scalar Quartz (aka Nirvana Quartz)

First discovered in 2006, Lemurian Scalar Quartz is an extraordinary mineral from a bygone age. Resonating with the Golden age frequencies at the Height of the Lemurian Civilization, these special crystals have now surfaced at the birth of a new Golden dawn.

Found at elevations of over 16,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal and India, Lemurian Scalar Quartz is a special gift from our past, initiating amazing shifts in our own energy frequencies. As no two people are alike, so too are these crystals, each with its own special frequency.

Lemurian Scalar Quartz incorporates the healing frequencies of all of the minerals that helped in the shaping of their physical form. Unlike most quartz six-sided crystalline formations, this quartz crystal grew with several companions; calcite, fluorite, anhydrite, hematite and carbon just to name a few.

Over time, each companion added its special frequency to the quartz before being reabsorbed back into the earth. It is in this scalar like format that the frequencies of all the minerals combined to produce Lemurian Scalar Quartz.

The results are reflected in the indentations, grooves and other irregularities along the prismatic faces of the quartz crystal. They can be also shaded in hues of rose and pink as well as ice colored. The interiors are crystal clear, usually without any inclusions, glowing with clarity.

It is this clarity within that resonates with divine source that makes this a powerful healer and awakening crystal. Lemurian Scalar Quartz is one of the master crystals of this timeframe, assisting in the removing of the veil of limitations.

As a healer, it works on many levels, from emotional to the physical, both spiritual and karmic conditions of discord, as well as unveiling the foundations of their being. It is with this realization and revelation that true healing can not only occur, but bring about miraculous change in one’s life and path.

Lemurian Scalar Quartz assists and facilitates understanding of our emerging awakening, that we are beings of light with unlimited abilities, energy, and grace.  It helps to remove any doubts as to our destiny as such, and places us in complete command of our life.

Lemurian Scalar Quartz unveils the divine light of your true self within, deepening your experience of life. It is both instructor and instruction, dynamic in its exchange of knowledge and response, and spans  the gap between the known and unknowable.

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Light Consciousness Grace

The Lemurian Codex™ Healing Modality


Awakening the I Am

Change is always interesting. A new journey is beginning, and at the same time, this feels like walking an old path. The role of a guide and counselor is emerging from within this form now known broadly as “ῆot mark”. It is a joy and privilege to serve in this capacity, and it’s way is deeply embedded in the consciousness of my be-ing.

Not that this is anything new, as “ῆot mark” has been guiding others along the path for many years now, in a part-time role. God or Source has made it crystal clear that in such a time of great shifts, this calling is to now be fully embraced.

It is in full awareness of ‘I am’, and with a deep trust in God’s Will to to be taking this leap of faith and fully embrace spiritual guidance and counseling as a unified focus. It is in service to that which is, and to all who seek answers.

A paradigm of infinite possibilities has been, and continues to be unveiled. Much of the information revealed has been embodied in a series of courses on new perceptions and horizons. It is an uncharted view to the infinite possibilities within each of us. Having moved through several iterations of revelation, it has chosen to be conveyed as the wisdom of the Highest Service: a Healing Modality.

The newly unveiled Lemurian Codex™ Healing Modality is a new and exciting tool for everyone, especially holistic healers and counselors of all vocations. It will literally take each of us not just to another level, but to several levels beyond in our service.

The Lemurian Code™x Healing Modality is part of the Grand Shift that is happening world wide. It not only assists in the ascension process, but is also a guide and compass pointing the way.

I as “ῆot mark” have been sharing the foundation of this information through courses offered to a handful of trail blazing practitioners, and the results have been miraculous. Those who have completed the basic practitioners course have experienced a new sense of God’s grace in their practice, as well as an increase in client impact.

In undertaking this new role of guide and counselor, the Lemurian Codex™ Healing Modality courses will expand and deepen as the level of exposure widens to embrace those who are ready. This material will change not only how reality is perceived, but also your unique participation within it.

The codices themselves, as light encoded holo-dynamic imagery, work on many levels both seen and unseen. Source continues to evolve these courses to support those on the path, as well as counselors, healers and other holistic caregivers, to better serve their clients as well as themselves. It is this guiding light of “service to others” that shines through, in radiant waves of joy.

In this exciting time of change and illumination, an opportunity is emerging for those who feel guided to support this work to join in and lend a helping hand. Much will be needed as awareness expands and grows. Time volunteered to help, sharing with others who may wish to become involved, and, if possible, offering financial support will be deeply appreciated. Donations of any size are welcome, particularly as this leap of faith engulfs myself and my family as we strive for sustainability.

It is both humbling and inspiring to behold God’s grace, as I embrace the call to serve to its fullest extent. To all who have supported me in the past, heartfelt gratitude is extended for your continued interest and support.

In light, consciousness, and grace, I look forward to new horizons of opportunities to be of service.

Blessings & Light

ῆot mark

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Intuition – It’s Role and How to Recognize It

When the subject of intuition comes up, there is usually the raising of eyebrows by some. Like prophecy, it is usually in hindsight that the validity of the intuition is confirmed.

With that said, the question is, “How does one recognize intuition?”.

It’s been said that intuition can appear like a light bulb going off, with instant knowledge. And at other times, it can be a quiet knowing, like being gently nudged in the right direction.

There is both a certainty and a vagueness when it comes to intuition. Because of its very nature, and the fact that it is paradoxical  and not logical, many find it hard to believe that it exists.

To differentiate intuition from the endless stream of thoughts, desires, and ones ego, I find it best to describe intuition and as a guide.

When working with customers, I often find myself being intuitively guided to the correct crystal or mineral for a particular need. It requires very little of me, other than to be aware and listening.

I have also seen how customers are guided to the correct crystal for themselves. When presented with a tray of crystals, there is always one that seems to stand out. And inevitability there is some unseen force guiding the customer to that crystal.

When questioned, I am usually told, “I just knew that this was crystal for me”, or “I heard this crystal calling to me”.

With intuition, there is a presence just beyond our line of sight or thought. A guide that is ever present, though never seen. It exists and is found within, that “I knew – ( fill-in the blank ) was going happen”.

It is the power of intuition as a guide, and the awareness of the possibilities that it presents, that it’s role is brilliantly made manifest.

From counseling, coaching, healing, understanding, and all that life is, intuition plays a vital role from the background of our being.

From synchronicity to life changing, the guidance of one’s intuition is a welcome addition to the navigation of our lives.

To use and recognize one’s intuition, all that is required is to be aware and listening. In the endeavor of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, the access or key is awareness.

It is this attention to listening that the silent voice of intuition is heard. And since it is such a unobtrusive voice, it is easily drowned out in the cacophony of life.

Because it does not conform to logical thinking, and its association with the metaphysical, intuition tends to be ignored and dismissed.

But if one is patient, and pays attention, its voice is loud and clear. And with intuition as your guide, the possibilities opened before you like the stars that light the night sky.

For more on intuition, its role, its development, and use I recommend reading the material on my other websites, the Lemurian Codex of Awakening and the Light of Being. I also highly recommend the Lemurian Codex of Awakening webinar.  CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED.

Within the webinar itself, is the keys and resonance that not only awakens your intuition, but also all of your inherent abilities.

Let your intuition guide you,

Blessings & Light

not mark

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Andara Webinar Magic



Do Monatomic Andara crystals really manifest answers in the physical realm?

This is a question that has been asked many times, by both friends and customers. And my answer is a definite yes!

Case in point, during my recent Monatomic Andara crystal Webinar, the question was asked by an attendee, Nancy, on whether or not a lead crystal pitcher was OK to make Andara charged water with.

Now the pitcher with an Andara crystal in it was sitting on her desk, and I explained that the leaded crystal would block vibrational energies.

Nancy had the intuition that this was so, but was not sure. And as she was saying this, she heard a sound. Nancy looked at her pitcher and saw water beading from a crack in the glass, like tears.

The water started to stream out of this crack, and Nancy felt that the Andara was crying that it couldn’t energize the water as she had wanted to.

Now, had this happened at any other time, no one would have witnessed the synchronicity that is a hallmark of Andara crystals. As it stands, the timing was perfect.

We were all witnesses to the event, and to confirm that yes, Andara crystals do manifest answers in the physical realm.

The lesson that the Andara crystal manifested in this case, was not only the breaking of the pitcher, but also the breaking of the barriers to what is truly possible. Nancy intuitively knew that the lead pitcher was not the right medium to use, yet she doubted that information and her abilities.

The Andara crystal chose the most opportune time to remind Nancy to trust her intuition and abilities, while providing a powerful lesson for the rest of us.