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How to Distinguish True Andara Crystals

In 2002, Andara crystals literally walked into our store here on Kauai.  Andara crystals were not widely known back then, with no information on the Internet about them.  But I knew instinctively that we should be carrying them in our store.  I’ll share that story in another blog.

From the very beginning, Andara crystals were very special and treated that way.  They were not on display, very strange behavior for crystal for sale.  My staff took a while to understand how I could sell these if no one could see them displayed.

I told them that the Andara crystals communicated to me that they were not for everyone, and it would be made known when to take them out.  Sure enough, I sold out of every shipment that came in.

As a IT Analyst and expert in Information Systems and Research, I researched and wrote an article entitled  “Andara Crystals – Bridging Science, Metaphysics, and Healing” to be passed out with each Andara Crystal from “Life’s Treasures Hawaii”, our retail store back then.  We have named our web presence Life’s Treasures Kauai to give a better idea to our Internet visitors where we are located physically.

Over the years, as they became more popular, many pretenders came into being, claiming to be Andara crystals.  Information was everywhere on the Internet, with many misleading articles. It was only a matter of time before my article became posted everywhere on the Internet, including the Andara pretenders websites.

It is my hope to try and clear the air somewhat on the many different crystals called Andara, and how to distinguish the original Monatomic Andara Crystals from the pretenders.

True Monatomic Andara crystals come from the High Sierra Mountains of northern California, within a unique mineral deposit of monatomic minerals including elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium and Platinum monatomics.

In my years of extensive research for other sources of Andara crystals, I have not found another site that has the same unique mineral deposit of monatomic minerals, with verifiable sources and testing.  It is the monatomic nature of these Andara crystals that separates them from the rest.

Many people have strong feelings about Andara crystals, regardless of where they are from.  I am not disputing the metaphysical claims of the other crystals, but to mislead by omission, in this case where the source is, fails the test of integrity.   Some will disagree with this article, others may feel threatened by it, but none can dispute its veracity.

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2 thoughts on “How to Distinguish True Andara Crystals

  1. Thank you. I was really wondering. I have heard the words Andaras and Andaras Crystal-Glass. does this mean they are man made? these are claimed to come from Nellie”s place. So where do you get the real andaras from? I am new and confused. AnnMarie

  2. I understand your confusion, as the original author of the “Science and Metaphysics of Andara crystals” over seven years ago, I have seen a lot of mis-representation of crystals being linked to the Mt. Shasta region Andara crystals. That was the reason why I wrote this article.

    The Northern California Region Andara crystals are not man-made. The term glass is used as a descriptive term, as in Obsidian volcanic glass. Like Obsidian, the Andara crystals display similar qualities to glass, in the way they fracture and look upon first inspection. But thats where the similarities end. The following is a quote from “Monatomic Andara Crystals – UPDATED” article.

    Bruce Tainio reported in 1997 that the Monatomic Andara Crystal has been put on an electromagnetic spectrum analysis, and the electromagnetic patterns it emanates are not at all like regular obsidian. Bruce also tested the Etherium powder using the bio-frequency monitor and found unusual properties in the trace minerals. Monatomic Andara Crystal is also heliocentric, meaning that it absorbs and reflects physical light toward the center of its crystalline spiral. Without elaborating on the science of heliocentric refraction, we will say here that this causes the Monatomic Andara Crystal to be very healing to gaze into while holding in natural sunlight. For the full article click here.

    The Andara crystals that I carry come from the original find over 12 years ago from the Etherium fields of the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. I take great care with whom I deal with, and where the Andara crystals are from. The people that I deal with have worked with Andaras for more than 15 years, and are authorities in their own right. They worked with Nellie long before any of the pretenders even heard the term Andara. In fact, there was no info on them 7 years ago when I first researched them.

    I can’t comment on the claims that others make, such as “these come from Nellie”s place” without more info. To do so would be dishonest and a dis-service to you. But if the terms Indonesian or Anela are used to discribe an Andara crystal, then they are not true Monatomic Andara crystal from the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. True Monatomic Andara crystals are getting harder and harder to locate, as the term Andara crystal has become a cash cow for some.

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