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Smokey Earth Shaman Andara


New – Old discovery or Re-Discovery

During our move, I uncovered many more Andara crystals that had been misplaced over the years. Anyone who has moved to a new location will remember all of the chaos involved. Well, with 5 moves over the last 8 years, and different helpers each time, it is to be expected.

One of the Andara crystals I rediscovered is a Smokey Earth Shaman. I have not seen this particular color since our move of 2006. Back then they were all simply called Andara crystals by color: green, blue, brown, pink etc. This was one of the original crystals gifted to us from Lady Nellie that decided to disappear for a while.

This Andara looks a lot like Smokey Quartz with many of the same shared properties but highly enhanced by the monatomic nature of the Andara itself. This Smoky Shaman is absolutely stunning, with some of the pieces covered in monatomic iridescent colors. Just take a look at these photos:



There is a very limited supply and I don’t think I’ll find any others hiding in my inventory, so if you are interested get one before they are gone. I’ll have them on both my webstore and our eBay store shortly.

Smokey Earth Shaman

Grounded in the energies of nature and balance, Smokey Earth Shaman is a powerful healer, enhancing attentiveness to the moment, stimulates higher awareness while grounding negative energies and restoring balance to one’s environment and self.


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Andara Crystals & Intent

Over the years, I have received many questions from people around the world, and I thought that this would be a good time to answer one of them within this format so that everyone can benefit.

Most everyone has read of the spiritual and healing energies of Andara crystals, but a recurring question is whether they can help one in other areas of life; specifically finances, business, protection, relationships and achieving goals.

The short answer is yes, with a few caveats to be aware of.  Depending on the specifics of your intent and the circumstances of your current karmic situation, using an Andara crystal can both accelerate and burn off what one would call negative circumstances.  This allows an almost instantaneous resolution to be achieved.

With that said, one must be careful of any judgments about the path that the resolution has taken. It may look like you are taking two steps back for every step forward, but the actuality is that you are now releasing the unconscious restrictions that have had bound you.

It is these self-accepted beliefs and restrictions, and the judgments you make from them, that bind you to the circumstances of your life.  The intention one focuses on while using an Andara crystal shines the light of self-revelation, thus uncovering their karmic foundations and illusional nature.  In this way, a new possibility can now take its place.

Understand that it is not the Andara that is making these changes, it is your true self as source that does.  The Andara crystal is a gateway to the reality of who you truly are, and what you are accessing is the now moment of your be-ing.  It is in the ever-present now moment that the events of your life happen, and it is there that you can choose any possibility.

One must also be aware of the following conditions that may or may not affect the outcome of any self-intention.

When things are not going as you think they should, ask yourself, “What is the foundation of my intent?”

If your foundation is based on a restrictive perception, you will be entangled within a self-fulfilling state of affairs.  The foundation of your intent should be a reflection of the possibility of what is already there within the now moment of your be-ing.

Another important condition is that of timing.  You may judge the event of breaking your leg as a negative at first, but later on in physical therapy you meet your soul mate.  There are circumstances one cannot change, for they are an important part of your story.  There is purpose to the events in your life, whether you realize them or not.

By accessing and using Andara crystals you can bypass many of the self-inflicted restrictive beliefs that you have chosen to wear.  When the light of your be-ing shines through, life will take on a new and spiritual quality, free from the garments of past judgments.

Blessings & Light

Øm “not mark”

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Andara Energies

A friend and customer asked . . . .

“Since the different colors have different types of energies; do those energies rely mainly with the visual connection?  Can you discern the different energies by tactile contact alone?”

Øm “not mark” answered . . . .

It is not that the different types have different energies, but more of how each person activates and resonates each crystal.  An Andara crystal is like a musical instrument, with the ability for endless musical compositions depending on who is playing it.  And like a musical instrument, it is not based on sight, for I have customers who are blind and still get both a visible and resonant feel from them.

The deeper aspect of them in this analogy as a musical instrument is that the Andara is but a reflection of the possibilities of the user.  It is a mirror of the users beliefs and judgements, and the restrictions they have accepted.  It is this illumination that creates the field of dreams, where all is possible in the now of their be-ing as source.
As such, the Andara themselves are undefinable, for each person projects their illusion of restrictions on their use.  The true power that is in play here is the awakening that takes place as the veil of restrictions is dropped like a leaf falling from a tree.

Blessings & Light

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Quantum Possibilities

A customer asked . . . .

“How were Andara crystals created? Is it by volcanic activity or some other event? Are there other theories that can explain their existence?”

Øm “not mark” answered . . . .

There are several creation theories being presented as fact: the first being volcanic activity, another being a meteor impact, and yet another that was channeled claims it was a metaphysical accident by ancient Lemurians.

All theories aside, to begin to understand Andara crystals one must first understand monatomic materials and the esoteric matter that comprises their quantum nature.

It would take much longer to write this out than I have space for in this newsletter, so I will say this: Andara crystals are esoteric matter in the form of monatomic materials exhibiting quantum properties at a non-quantum level.

As esoteric matter, they are considered energy / light as manifest matter of the first order in a quantum state of resonance. So what does this mean? Andara crystals are what would be called transcendent Gateway esoteric matter, exhibiting both qualities and properties of present matter within a quantum flux possibility matrix.

I am probably losing you at this point, so I will make an analogy. Science does not know how energy / light condenses into matter or what triggers this event. But we do know how to convert matter back to its energy / light state.

Picture an unlit candle. When you light it, the flame produces energy, matter being transformed into light. If we reverse our observational perspective, and apply the mass–energy equivalence or e=mc2, then we see that the light/energy is materializing as the candle.

It is that very effect that is the first step in understanding the principles involved as quantum fields in esoteric matter. At the quantum level, matter is in a continuum of existence and possibility. As first order matter, Andara crystals exhibit this quantum property at our level of experience.

Like a rainbow, Andara crystals are not created. Both are possibilities of light made manifest within the illusional confines of material reality. To define them otherwise is to shut the door on the possibilities that they represent and the reality of who you truly are.

In short, they are gifts of light from source, created in the now as light and matter, as needed by all who wish to drop the veils of restriction, the illusion of self, and realize that there are only possibilities.


Blessings & Light

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“Original Blue” – Source unseen yet Present

Blue Andara

Aloha Everyone,

This is the story that unfolded in the process of photographing this special Andara crystal. The images and it’s revelations  as communicated to me from source via this light gateway are just amazing, given the fact of how this Andara has been working with us  for so long unnoticed.

This large, one of a kind “Heart” Andara comes from the original find of Andaras over 20 years ago. This color was simply called “Blue” back then, but shares the properties of Celestial Gold: It translates the “Light of Heaven” at the atomic level, heralding the Grand Shift from a world of reflections to that of Radiant Light.

This Andara crystal weighs 3523.9 g. and comes from the center, or “heart,” of a larger Andara.

Many Andara crystals tend to work in the background, like the hand of god, unseen yet present. I didn’t see this when I took the Blue Andara photos, but it is clear to see now. Linda and I could feel and see the light energy radiating from this special crystal, yet its story was still waiting to be told.

You see, in the very center of the crystal is a mother humpback whale with a baby calf on its back. It is clear as day to me now, yet I did not see it, even after I had a print made.

This is a special mother Earth Andara crystal, nurturing from the depths of the divine. You can see how the baby is upheld on the mother’s back as they swim through this blue crystal. As divas of the deep, the oceans reverberate with their songs in celestial symphony.

Overlooking them is Rainbow Crow, protector and savior of mankind, who has direct access to god. You can literally see the light of heaven being directed from above onto the mother whale and calf from the brow of the crow. You can also see a rainbow on the crow’s shoulder.

All of this was captured in this photo, but unseen until now. Wow! These are the hand of god’s helpers, unseen, yet there. Upholding our light, watching over us in our time of need, reminding us of our divine connection, for we are all one in the light of our being.

Blessings & Light
Øm “not mark” and Linda

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Andara FAQ’s


When were they discovered?

The answer depends on who you ask, like the question of who discovered America. My personal belief is that they have been in use for much longer than most think.  From my personal research and the research of others, Andara crystals have been in use since ancient times, with some estimates of more that 10 thousand years ago.  In modern times, Lady Nellie is attributed to their rediscovery more than 40 years ago in the US.

When or who discovered their Monatomic properties?

It was myself, Mark Naea, who made the discovery that Andara crystals are monatomic in 2002-2003 while researching their properties and origins from the tiny island of Kauai.  I published my research and findings in the ground breaking document “Monatomic Andara Crystals: Bridging Science, Metaphysics, and Healing” in 2003. This became the foundation of all of the information of their monatomic nature written about today.

How can there be so many different colors of Andara crystals?

The science of crystal and gem color is based on idiochromatic or allochromatic properties and the inclusion of different metals within each variety of gemstone. Each color is a result of the way gemstones absorb and reflect light.

Idiochromatic refers to the gems ability to absorb light, a good example is peridot that absorbs all colors except green, therefore appearing green.  The reason for this is that Peridot contains iron.  Idiochromatic gemstones are rare and sometimes called “self-colored.”

Allochromatic refers to the impurities and trace elements that color gemstones by their presence. When traces of chromium are present in corundum you have a red ruby. If there is titanium present in corundum, you have a blue sapphire.  When the corundum is pure, it is colorless.  Sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow due to the trace elements that produce each color, all in the same family of corundum.

In soil samples taken from the location where the Andara crystals originated, more than 70 monatomic metallic elements were identified.  With such a palette to work from, we have the possibility of any color in the rainbow appearing.


Blessings & Light

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